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ELpolacko 07-28-2002 01:07 PM

Clutch recomendation?
Ok so I'm new here. I am used to toxic boards and slash and burn newbie intros, so if you guys feel the need to flame me, fire away.

What I have is a '63 Ford F100 Unibody long bed with a strong 427 bbc producing about 550hp and I am Converting from a TH400 with a 10" TCI Street Fighter 3000-3500 stall converter. The truck is pretty damn quick as is, but I tore up the converter pretty quick and I really don't like that much stall onthe street.

Here's what I have and plan. I have a Tremec TKO five speed and need to hook it up. I plan on a Lakewood large bellhousing and a 168 tooth aluminum flywheel, Hays or Mcleod (haven't made up my mind yet) and am looking for clutch suggestions. I really want an easy diaphragm clutch for street friendly usage, so naturally Centerforce pops up.

Any of you guys run Hays, McLeod, Ram, ??

4 Jaw Chuck 07-29-2002 12:08 PM

Is this going to be a street only car? if it is I would stick with a B@B style clutch and leave the fancy tiny clutches for the racers with money to burn. I would forget the aluminum flywheel too, it is overkill and makes driving more difficult on the street (especially with a wild cam). Ram cone clutches are light switches and do not belong on pavement unless you want to be replacing tires every month and morgtaging your house to pay for the imprudent driving tickets the local gendarme will heap upon you when they see you leave the lights with tires spinning. I suggest you improve upon a factory setup with a good aftermarket large diameter clutch with cast iron flywheel and get the linkage done up nice with heim end tie rods and you will be very pleased with the result. The facory uses this type of clutch for very good reason, they are durable, easy to drive and parts are reasonably priced. You should be able to find a good B@B style clutch plate and hat from any of the major aftermarket suppliers, Hay's and Mcleod are both very good and to tell you the truth they are very similar in quality. Just don't be lured into buying more clutch than you need, a heavy clutch pedal will destroy your enjoyment of the car. Much the same goes for those vertigate shifters, the tendons on the top of my right hand will never be the same again from one of these shifters.

Look darn cool though...until you drive it in traffic. Ouch!

I think I need a cold beer to hold on those sore tendons, ahhhhhh that's better. Any excuse is better than no excuse I always say! :p

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