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If anyone is in the process of building one of these cars and has any questions feel free to PM me or ask in this thread and I will do my best to answer all questions. For those thinking about building one of these cars well put it this way I hope your skills are beyond doing an oil change on any of the cars you own or have owned and you have more tools then a couple of screwdrivers and pliers. You will not only need plenty of regular tools but body tools also. You will definitely need a good Mig Welder so that you can make welds to the frame. A lift would be a good thing to have especially if you are older. I was 41 at the time. Didn't have mine until I was basically done with the frame. It sure did come in handy when doing fiberglass work under the car.

During the write up of this thread I remembered a couple of the hardest things I had to do in the buildup of this kit. For one the back window is a 6itch of a job to do. The CMC Assembly manual back in the day said to first cut out the fiberglass. No big deal! Once the fiberglass is cut out there is a very small lip around the area to where the glass will have to stick too. What needs to be done next is that area all around where the window will mount needs to be built up with body putty or bondo. The assembly manual said to take the CMC supplied glass and to wax the glass. Next they said to fill the area with Bondo around that lip I just spoke about. When that is done they tell you to take the waxed glass and hold it against the back window opening against the fresh bondo and to hold it there for awhile until the bondo sets. What a joke? I did this on a warm day and had bondo falling down all over the place epecially all over my newly painted frame. I sat back and said there's got to be a better way. Well this is where you never have too many tools. I decided to build the area around the lip up slowly a little at a time with filler. Once all was built up and cured I went for my Air Powered Long Board. For those who are not familiar with one it is a body tool that you would use on long areas of your body to sand it down, say like a door. Well the Long Board did the trick giving me a smooth surface that was required. The way I could see it this really was the only way to go. Just curious how other builders handled this task.

Number 2 when building the trunk it does not connect to he rest of the body below the back window. Didn't see anything about this in my manual. This was something I needed to figure out how to do. Again I needed to put on my thinking cap. Well I took a ride over to the Home Depot and purchased a roll of (Aluminum) Roof Flashing. I then took a roll of wax paper from the house. Went back into my building and cut the Flashing using some duct tape and closed the gap under the car from top to bottom sealing it good with the duct tape and wax paper sandwiched to the body. I then let the car down on my lift and started cutting Fiberglass matting to fill the gap area. I then mixed up some Epoxy and hardener and proceeded to fill the gap from inside of the truck area. Did this a number of times until I felt I had enough fiberglass buildup. When it dried the next day I pulled the Flashing and waxpaper off and now had everything together like it should be. Went back into the trunk and used a little body putting to dress up the trunk floor to make everything uniform.

There were aslo other things that you really had to sit back and think about in the build of this car.

To me in the end everything was well worth it. As I mentioned in another thread I love this car. All the bad you hear about this car from some people I can't say any of it applies to me. At the time of looking to build a '34 I did some looking around. For the buck I found going the way that I did was the best thing for me. If I remember correctly for the money I paid out to CMC for the whole Kit back in the early 90's it would of only been enough to purchase a body from some of the other manufacturers out there as far as what I was quoted back then. I would of still needed to purchase a frame somewhere and many other parts.
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