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beetle9 10-17-2002 05:15 PM

coilovers on early ford
I've asked this before and got little or no response, but I'll try again. Getting ready to buy the coilover shocks and springs for my 35 prostreet ford tudor sedan. Shocks, no problem. Coilover springs however, are a different matter. They are listed by weight capacity, 50 lb up to 250 in the catalogs. I don't want too stiff a ride, but have no clue as to how much the back of the car weighs. Is this not what the pound question is referring to or does this mean something else such as a scale for measuring resistance? I'm lost here. Anyone out ther got an old ford that could adivse me? Any help is appreciated. 10-17-2002 07:56 PM

spring ratings are like this a 200lb. spring means it takes 200lbs of weight to compress the spring 1in 400 to compress to 2in etc. the only to get the correct spring is to find out how much weight is on each corner of the car, how long the shocks are and where do you want the car to ride relative to shock length.if you have for example 1000 lbs on the axle and an 8 in shock you would want ride height to be approx 4in you would use approximately a 250lb spring, but you want to use the lightest spring that will work for the application for the best ride use the next lighter size like a 230. also you have to take into consideration the shock angle. so the easiest thing to do is call Carrera, or one of the street rod shock guys , lots easier on the brain.but you need the axle weight at each wheel.

lamothe1 11-05-2002 07:35 AM

When I purchased coil overs for my '34 I call one of the suppliers in street rodder mag. (don't remember which one) and told him that I had a '34 ford coupe and he said I need "xx" pound coilovers. I assume he knows which ones are correct although I haven't finished the car yet so I hope he's correct.

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