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tufguy454 10-22-2002 10:34 AM

Cold weather blues
I have a BB 454 in a 82 Chevy truck. When ever its starts getting cold out it stars running rough. I know GM's are natorious for being cold blooded, but this is a little more. After about 10 minute warm up and the choke is all the way open, i still have about a 2 MPG drop in the colder climate. I am running a Comp Cam, 224/224, with a Edelbrock performer set up and i opened the carb a little with the Performer RMP needle set. any suggestions on how i can keep this tuned right when the weather changes.

johnnymopar 10-22-2002 02:02 PM

only thing i can think of is to check what kind of thermostat you have, or see if there is a heat shield on your intake?


4 Jaw Chuck 10-22-2002 03:08 PM

Adjust your jetting to compensate, the mileage you have to live with.

colaus 10-22-2002 07:27 PM

Keep jetting the primary's down until you stumble off idle, then jet a couple of sizes richer, that should put you in the ball park...

tm454 10-28-2002 03:44 AM

BROTHER! My 74 Dodge PU does the same thing, it was fine till I put on the new carb. Now it stumble, belches and farts till it has run about 8-10 min then seems to run OK. I'm still playing with the choke settings to see if I can make it better. My gas milage never was very good but boy will she haul ***. :cool:

TtopIroc 10-28-2002 07:06 AM

Woke up this mornin..... ba dum ba battery was dum ba dum.....had to jump start dum ba dum.....i got it goin, so i got dum ba dum....then that piece of ****, stalled out.....

oh i got the carberator blues .......oh the carberator.......b l u e s...


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