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Originally Posted by cutthroatkid View Post
It's not dirt or dust...I have the area Im painting in framed up with a make shift paint booth with tyvek all around even on the floor with a huge dust collector sucking...I do the standing in another section of the shop.It does look dull but matter how much I sand it down it still shows the imperfections.I can't really explain it..its not orange peel it look like small splatters over the whole paint.Its not there when I shoot it happens as it clears.I had this problem this summer also&Idk what I did different but it went away...could it br from over reducing?Because I know for sure this summer I over reduced forsure
OK...lets try to analyze the say it's not orange peel, and it looks like "small splatters over the whole paint" I take it that these imperfections are deep kind of "small crater's" or miniature looking volcano's and no matter how much you sand you can still see them and it's not dirt or dust. I'm probably over 1,000 miles away, but, when I hear what your saying, and I'm trying real hard to listen to every word because I want to help...the key here is that no matter how much you sand, you can still see them...This sounds like "fish eyes. Fish eyes are caused by contamination...Things like silicone, oil, even perfume can cause this reaction in paint, you may not see it in your color coat because it closes or flashes faster than a clear coat, clear coat or any catalyzed top coat is designed to stay open longer to achieve optimum flow and gloss. If your using single stage and now that I think back I do believe you are, same rule as clear coat, it takes time for the contamination to take effect. If you don't see it when your spraying it would appear as though the contamination is air born (contamination floating in the air as your spraying). ..The question is how do we solve it? I'll start by asking a few questions. Please take the time to answer these questions because how you answer will allow me to figure out where and what the contamination is coming from.

1)Do you or has anyone in contact with the vehicle ever use a product like Armorall on the outside or the interior of the vehicle?
2)Is there any loose products in your booth like WD 40, oil, turtle wax, that type of thing?
3) What do you use to wipe the vehicle down with before painting, what type of rags, wax and grease remover, or a mineral spirit designed for wiping it down?
4) It's cold outside, when you bring the vehicle into the booth, how long do you wait before painting, is the metal on the body at spraying temperature?
5) Is there anything outside the booth that resembles products in question 2 and 3. You mentioned you where in a shop...what do they do in this shop?
6) When you say"it happens as it clears" do you mean that it happens when the over spray gets sucked out of your booth?
7) What do you use to clean your gun with?
8) When you suck out the over spray your removing air from you painting area, what part of the shop is the fresh air coming into the booth coming from...(Oil change bay, detail bay, car wash bay...what do they do beside your booth)?

I know these questions sound stupid and simple, but usually the solution is just as bizare. I should ask more questions and will as I get answers to these. Bare with me and we should be able to come to a workable solution

This is a start, please answer these questions and I'll try real hard to get to the bottom of this situation for you...If it is fish eyes and the more information you give me, the more it sounds like fish eyes are one of the biggest PITA's in the painting world..but let's beat this thing. Depending on how you answer these questions, I will have more questions. I'm sorry my of the joys of painting, don't think it's just you, every painter worth his salt has gone though it and I'll try and help.

I'll wait for your response.

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