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Originally Posted by cutthroatkid View Post
Hey there gang I waited up for the thiefs &nada but hey I got lucky the guy on cl with the window forsale ended up g
Giving me the window for free turns out my neighbor works for him.I dont really know him too good he just has a trucl like my old one so I saw him one day&told him when I go to the parts he could have em.Well anyway he even dropd it off!I offerd to pay but he said we gotta take care of our own community.So Im real thankful.Now back to the paint.No its a solid when I mentioned the metallic it was in that really bad pic from my try this past summer.I've learned my lesson I shot my buddys t bucket with a water based silver in bc/cc&that's the best I've done so far.Well I just had got laid off so I'm not buying any more paint right now but the good news is Saturday its supposed to get up to 70 so that's my day.So Ill keep you guys posted.
I have a few more ??? OK MY Grandfather was a painter Ill post a few. Pix in a min...anyways Ive been using a lot of his stuff what ever the family didn't steal or sell that is.When he died 7 years ago there easy cases upon cases of royal purple,atf+4 stabil etc as he bought in bulk well there was half a case of 3m w&g remover in a aerosol can&that's what Ive been using is this the right stuff?Also should I use no soap when I wash before primer&do I wash or just wipe after primer?Also can I primer it today if I'm not gonna sand it out&shoot it till sat?Lastly so 100@compressor &30-35@gun correct?&should I not shoot when the comp cycles?It kicks on@100&will keep up with me spraying.
Congratulation on getting the glass, for free too, way to go...

Now the bounty left by your grandfather, do you know how long he had it before you started using it? Has it ever been frozen or stored in a place where temperature gets extreme, both hot and cold? Do you get your problems when you use this product and not when you don't? The reason I ask is because paint manufacturers, in most cases, have a 2 year shelf life on their products, that's not to say that they won't work after 2 years, it's just that it's a best before date and 7 years since your grandfather past away is way past that best before date... (and how long before your grandfather passed away was it purchased)... it could have an effect on the quality of the product. I've had paint in my mixing room as old as 7 years, but it's been stored properly, sealed properly and it worked fine. I've also seen paint and other related products go "seedy" much sooner and seedy is what your problem did look like. That's why I asked if there was any correlation between you using your grandfather's product and the problems your having? Try using fresher products and see if there is a difference.

Wax and grease remover is exactly that, it removes wax and grease. I prefer a final wash, or spirit wipe, the product goes by many names, it designed to take light surface dust and minor contaminants (like finger prints etc.) off your vehicle prior to painting. It takes less time to dry and doesn't leave any film on your painting surface, as wax and grease remover can leave a film on your surface, especially if it's the age that your grandfather left you.

If you use soap and water to wash a car down before you primer, use a mild dish soap and wash it off with plenty of water and dry the surface thoroughly before applying and new product over top. Again, it must be washed/rinsed thoroughly with water after.

Depending on the temperature that you are priming at and the suggested cure time of the manufacturer it is possible to prime today, providing that the temperatures allow for proper cure by the time you paint. If the primer is not cured through completely, you are trapping solvents, causing the paint to sink, leaving sand scratches down and gloss die off, down the road and worse case, paint peeling off as the solvents try to make sure that the primer is not just dry, it needs to be cured.

If you can maintain proper air pressure at the regulator when the compressor cycles, you can continue painting, just make sure that your compressor doesn't get to warm causing condensation coming from the compressor, into your paint air supply hose and onto your paint. The moisture in the compressor has oil and other contaminants within could in effect cause the reaction that you are experiencing now.

Cool pic's of your grandfather, I'm sure he was a great guy, most car guys are.

I hope this information helps and good luck.

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