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I have brakes ! I dont know where I left on here but after I put on the third master cylinder from Autozone ( Napa cordone were all junk ) I have brakes. Let me tell you how it is and maybe I can get some feedback on how to make it better.

Locked up all brakes tight against the drums with the adjustors, I still have yet to adjust the front brakes properly ever, there is evidently a feeler gauge involved to adjust the bottom adjustor and I just havent bothered to check where it is at.

Anyway I locked up all 4 brakes with the adjustors that were simplest to do and bled all 4 wheels, I could tell right away that this new master was reacting differently, things flowed smoother, I was hearing things that I am accustomed to hearing when I bleed brakes.

After done bleeding ( BTW the truck does not run yet so no booster comes into play yet ) I left the front wheels locked up against the drums and un-locked the rear drums and had my wife hit the brake pedal, no movement in the rear, I stuck a 7 foot steel fence pipe inside the spoke on the wheel and tried to move it, no movement.

I went to the front, unlocked them with the adjustors and had my wife step on the brakes, movement still in the front but took some force, readjusted the brakes quickly ( top adjustor only ) and tried again, difficult to move but I could still force it.

I have to have too much drag on the front brakes, and the pedal does go to low when all 4 wheels are loose and spinning but I am getting there.

How will this react with the brake booster helping???? I have a feeling that will make the pedal even lower.

I noticed that if I pumped the pedal a bit the pedal would be higher and I am assmuming ( but did not verify ) that all 4 wheels would have been locked up at this point.

Thinking about re-bleeding, dont know if that will help, I was pretty thorough already with the bleeding, any advice to get more pedal room before it sinks would be helpful.

I guess maybe I am running out of pedal again because of there is just not enough room in the pedal to make up for the volume of fluid I need but I can keep working on that.

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