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Also, There still to this day are engine builders using very substandard assembly lubes. Thinking "Old School" is better with assembly lubes is very wrong.

I know a restoration company that works on "Jay Leno Level Money" cars and the machinist there still thinks Lubriplate 105 or White lithium grease as it is known as is the hot ticket....Well no sir. DONT ever put white lithium in my engine.

Many engine builders are also fooled into these lubes that are red and sticky...That they think are great. Many are still grease based. Grease=BAD even if it does have moly & graphite...NO NO.

Grease does not mix with motor oils, Grease, especially white lithium turns into a abrasive after the suspended cheap oils leach out. Lithium is a clay based soap...That holds the cheap oil they use in place. after awhile it will turn from white to yellow or carmel color...Drying out. Once it dries out totally it reverts to a fine silt clay....Dirt.

White lithium and other greases can plug oil filters and cause oil to bypass them. And the grease never fully mixes into the oil even after a period of time.

Always use a sythetic cam lube such as Torco, Redline Etc. and general engine assembly lube should not be grease based. Torco I am very familiar with mixes in with the oil eventually and it does not plug filters and it never dries out ever.
Torco is basically a gelled racing oil product that is thick and viscous but doesnt have the same issues as grease. Engines can be built and stored for years on end and no worries about lube at startup.

Valco sells two other versions of the same type of product. One is in a Aerosol Can called Gellube 710XX756 and 5oz. Squeeze tube that is labeled Assmebly lube HP which is the new name for Torco Cam lube. 710XX747

Valco is at or 1-800-788-3865 and they can tell you where to buy it or take a order if your in a very rural area.

Doing technical service for the company for many years I have alot of chemical experience and I have seen many good and bad things in countless machine shops all over the eastern US. Its unbelievable the mistakes some engine builders make and then on the other hand how perfect others are...Heck some are as meticulous as surgeons. Not always easy to tell the difference at a glance.
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