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Calderone 09-28-2008 08:03 AM

Comparing 2 Edelbrock carbs ....EDELBROCK PERFORMER and AVS THUNDER


Which one's better ?
what's the main differences / advantages ?
Thanks !

Calderone 09-28-2008 08:06 AM

Here's the comparison but i don't get it 0&Ntt=EDL~1413 or EDL~1813&Ntk=&rsview=sku&Ns= 0&Ntt=EDL~1413 or EDL~1813&Ntk=&rsview=sku&Ns=
Visit each one then go here :

SSedan64 09-28-2008 08:42 AM

This should explain the difference>

454C10 09-28-2008 09:11 AM

To me, they both make the same sound when they land at the bottom of the trash can. :smash: :smash: :D

SSedan64 09-28-2008 09:20 AM

C10 is that trashcan empty or are you using it for a can smasher? :smash: :D

jimfulco 09-28-2008 09:22 AM

The secondary air valve on the Performer is like the old Carter AFB, in fact they are virtually the same carburetor. The Thunder series is like the slightly-newer design Carter AVS. Both are fine 1960's technology that still works now. The main difference in the AFB and AVS is in how the opening of the secondary air valve is controlled.

On the AFB, it's controlled by a counterweight, and is not adjustable unless you disassemble the carb and modify the counterweight. On the AVS, it's controlled by a spring, and the tension of that spring can be easily adjusted externally with a screwdriver. It's the same basic idea that Rochester used on the Quadrajet.

ScoTFrenzel 09-28-2008 09:24 AM

Depending on application, I like them both, but prefer the AVS.

If you are one of those people who are incapable of tuning, and unwilling to learn,
and you just want something to run "perfect" right out of the box,
then you should consider paying the additional money for an AED or Barry Grant built to your specifications.

Remember you can easily buy a Holley that won't run well and is potential trash can fodder if you aren't willing to pay a tuner.
Ever wonder why swap meets are flooded with Holleys???

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