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Depending on which sander and how much CFM it needs (the manufacturer ratings are usually so absurd they don't mean much) the 15+ CFM might still run out of air after a while but running that Quincy continuously will not hurt it, with an air hungry tool like a sander even the 17+ CFM might not keep up over a long period. With either compressor I doubt you will be disappointed since I am not talking about running low on air after only a minute or so like the cheap compressors that CLAIM similar CFM ratings and the larger one might even out-run the sander, 15+ CFM is not at all bad for a home shop and from the Quincy (unlike the cheapo compressors) you can count on actually getting what it is rated for! The nail gun(s) are going to be a non-issue and if that sander is all you are concerned about then 15+ CFM is probably going to be just fine for you unless you mean you will be running more than one at a time. As far as power consumption I would think the larger outfit would be better in that respect because it has a larger more efficient pump, there is no question that 17+ CFM outfit is the more desirable of the two if the extra cost is not a problem. If just running that one sander and a couple of nail guns is what you will be doing the smaller one should fill the bill nicely unless the sander is going to run a big percentage of the time, one thing is for sure you will never regret having a compressor that is too big but you will always regret having one too small!
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