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Those old compressors can be like old (classic) cars and to some of us they can be a fun hobby but for everyday use by someone not familiar with them they can be a lot of trouble. Something else I should have mentioned earlier is those tanks could be a major headache if they too are that old. You have no way of knowing the condition and having them hydro-pressure tested is a MUST if you want to do this safely! An old tank can be a time bomb and an exploding 60 or 80 gallon tank could easily destroy a garage and do serious personal harm, fortunately most of the time they just spring a leak and catastrophic failure is rare but it DOES happen sometimes! Don't take anyone's word that is a tank is ok unless it has been hydo-tested because no matter what they say they just simply don't know, that old line that the old tanks are better built and will last forever is BS. I strongly suggest thinking this over and consider all the problems you are likely to encounter as an "antique" compressor owner because in all probability you will encounter these problems.

One more note about the tanks, look them over thoroughly and look for repairs of ANY kind especially around factory welds. If there have been any repairs or ANY welding on the tank that was not done at the factory then don't use the tank under any circumstances. A tank that has been welded on for repair or modification is extremely dangerous even if it is just a small weld, if either tank has been "repaired" I strongly suggest not using it. I am not exaggerating the dangers of an exploding tank and I have seen it personally twice, once time was when a 40 gallon tank took off the cab of a DM800 Mack truck and another blew a hole in a garage wall big enough to drive a truck through-trust me on this it does happen!
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