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First off great thread! Lots of good info

Came across this thread doing my usual random google searches on air compressors. I have been putting buying one off for the past year or so, and I think it's time to finally drop some cash on one.

Here is a bit of info on my intentional use with a air compressor.
I plan to get a compressor for home use only- Garage mounted-no bigger then 60gal- Residential neighborhood- I have a old retried couple across the street and a Asian family next door that seems to run a day care for mentally disable adults so someone is always home at these two locations.

So noise is kind of a concern, but also not really lol. I do a bit of woodworking and work with my router table outside on the side of the house and it gets pretty loud at times. But haven't had anyone complain yet for the few years Ive lived here. I usually only work on projects during respective daytime hours on weekends.

With that being said I have a slight concern with how loud the HarborFreight compressor actually is since I have read its pretty loud. But with a compressor it would be mounted in the garage. Usually the big door would be closed and I would just use a air hose to go all the way out to the side of the house where I would do the sanding etc. So I'm thinking with the compressor in the garage and all doors shut except for the one with the hose coming out of, the noise may be bearable.

My main goal was to buy a compressor that can handle running a DA(not continuous working hours, I'll usually sand on one thing while something else is curing or drying, then trade off back and forth). Would also like to run a few decent guns, one to spray contact cement for wrapping interior parts and one to spray high build primer when bodyworking on fiberglass projects. Then a nailer/staple gun, as well as light air saw use to quickly shape/cut down expanding foam. Light angle grinder work and air ratchet/impact wrench.

However now I'm wanting to dabble a bit in automotive painting so now I will need something that can hand a DA and Guns good when painting. I think I will start off practicing on small parts like a fender or something then eventually a whole car. A little BC/CC then hopefully some pearls/kandies. I have the perfect candidate right now for a practice vehicle so I can't wait.

I would choose my compressor based on the tools I have, but I don't have any air tools what-so-ever currently. I'm looking for something that could handle just about any tool I throw at it.

Currently have my eye on the following. Would like to keep it under $1000 but I may be willing to spend a little more.

5 Horsepower, 60 Gallon, 165 PSI Two Stage Air Compressor ($799.99) Total $888.94 with shipping and tax (no warranty with harborfreight I assume)

Quincy Single-Stage Air Compressor 3.5 HP, 60-Gallon ($719.99) Total of 969.84 with shipping(no CA tax applied via Northern Tool)

This one here would hit the pockets hard, but I'm sure it would be a good investment and would last many, many, many years to come. However I'm not sure if thats practical right now.

Quincy Compressor Reciprocating Air Compressor 5 HP, 230 Volt Single Phase ($1,399.99)Total of $1,400 shipped, no tax and free shipping via nothern tool)

Puma Belt-Drive Stationary Vertical Air Compressor 60-Gallon Vertical, 3 HP, 12 CFM ($529.99) Total of $770.46 with shipping(no CA sale tax) via nothern tool

Figured any of these would be better then the 60Gal CH one I was going to get at lowes. This one except its $480 at lowes.
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