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Guy's, I thought I would pipe in for a moment... as I was reading this tread I was surprised at the large number of folks considering or suggesting upping the pressure on your stock air compressor. As others that have replied to this thread have pointed out, some compressor company's are not as "high grade" as others, so this means their tanks are not either. As oldRed stated about the tank bursting, this could happen very easily... I have a Sanborn 6HP, 80gal tank, single stage, my compressor kicks on at 90psi and shuts off a 120psi. I would like more cfm as well as pressure, but the tag on the side of the tank states very clearly max tank pressure is 150psi. so I really can not mess with it. Of course there is some safety factor built in but my point is, you should check to see what the rating of your tank is first before you up the pressure. Some tanks may not be able to handle it and you really do not want to be standing beside it when it does burst... Where I work, we pressure test housings that we build, these housing can be built from any number of thicknesses of materials, from #10ga. to 2" pl. our standard criteria is to pressure test up to 138in-H2O (which equates to approx. 5 psi... yes only 5psi.) anything over that pressure get Hydrostatic pressure tested. (they fill housing with water, water absorbs the energy, so the housing just splits at the weld seams or somewhere in the middle of a panel, usually where there was a flaw in the material) this is all for safety. All I'm saying is, be careful, if some young fella logs on and reads this thread and chooses to pump his pressure to 250!!! well it could be fatal...

Sorry, I was just concerned... thought I would throw my 2 cents in...
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