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You did'nt say how much you are willing to spend and there are dozens of choices out there in a wide price range. From what you say you intend to do with it you should get by just fine with a single stage in the 12 to 14, maybe a bit less, CFM range which should not be all that expensive. If you have not done so already you might want to search "compressor" since there have been a bunch of discussions on this subject and there is a lot to know in order to make the right decision because the compressor builders have not been exactly truthful with their performance claims. The most important thing about a compressor is the CFM rating because if that number is low then nothing else will matter so look for that before all else. You can get by with a lower CFM rating than the 13 CFM required by the gun since that is at only 23 PSI and a compressor will usually be rated at 90 PSI so one with as little as 10 CFM@90 PSI will come fairly close to what you would need plus your gun is not in use constantly giving the compressor some time to recover. A DA sander would be another story and to power one of those you will either have to go with a larger compressor in the 15 16 CFM range or plan on spending some time waiting for the compressor to catch up. Don't spend extra money for an 80 gallon tank because a 60 is just fine and contrary to popular belief the bigger tank, assuming the same CFM, will not help keep up with your tools and never pass up more CFM to get a bigger tank! As far as brands both Northern Tool and Tractor Supply carry Ingersoll Rand which is a VERY good compressor and will last for many years if properly cared for and they do put out a decent air flow but unfortunately they too are guilty of inflated numbers on some models, one very popular single stage 5 HP model with a 60 gallon tank in particular. That thing is rated at, I believe, 18.2 CFM@90 PSI which would be nearly impossible with that pump/motor combo and about 14 CFM would be more like it and probably even a bit less so even the big brand names need to be watched closely.
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