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Red face Compressors & plumbing for spraying

Hello everyone

I'm a complete novice & newbie so treat me with care!!

I'll start by praising this fantastic website. I stumbled across it using Google in a desperate attempt to find a solution to my problem. I've learn't loads so far.......this is great, well done to those who set it up and those who contribute by writing in!

My intentions are to learn to spray/bodywork etc. in my home garage. I bought myself a 150 litre (40 gallon), 14 CFM, 10bar (150psi), 3hp oil compressor with a half decent spray gun (1.4mm external mix nozzle) that uses around 7CFM. I've also purchased a regulator/filter that traps water.

click here to see my air compressor

click here to see my spray gun

click here to see my filter/regulator/water trap

From what I understand so far (and it ain't very much and please correct me if I'm wrong), compressors work at high pressure. The by-product of cramming all these molecules is 'super-heating' of the air which in turn causes condensation/water accumulation in the receiver and in the hose line. It makes sense that this isn't a good thing if you want to do a good spray job.

I've tentatively touch on the subject of 'plumbing a compressor for spraying' and it frightens me a little! I know the whole idea is to capture as much water as possible but seeing these densely detailed schematics/diagrams of pipes everywhere is somewhat daunting. They look far to complicated and intended for professional garages. Thats not me! I need something a lot simpler.

Is there anyone who could provide a detailed written setup with some pics (sometimes a picture saves writing a thousand words). It's all well and good stating that this pipe must be vertical and run 25ft from this pipe with a sloping gradient and this pipe does this etc. I also need to know what kind of pipe to use! Is it the normal copper piping available from the plumbing section in your local hardware store? Or is it thicker gauge piping? What thickness etc.? I know some of these questions may sound daft to some of you pro's, but I haven't got a clue!

I've tried to keep things in imperial measurements on here but as I live in the UK under a metric system imposed on us by Brussels, I would appreciate any figures quoted in both imperial and metric for us Europeans. I'm asking a lot I know...but if you don't ask, you don't get!

Any help would be greatly appreciated folks.......even the smallest of input helps loads.

Dean (electriclighfoot)

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