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Forsaken502 09-06-2003 12:43 AM

Computer controlled to standalone
I'm replacing the computer controlled, 4 barrel 305 in my car with a "standalone" 350. Anyone know what problems I may encounter? How will I keep the "check engine" light from coming on? (just remove the bulb?) I'll be getting a set of gauges (oil press, water temp, alt. charge) so I'm not too concerned about the warning lights because I can moniter the gauges.

Also, the 350 has a mechanical oil press sending unit and the 305 was electrical. How do you replace a mechanical sending unit with an electrical one?

DoubleVision 09-06-2003 03:34 AM

as far as your swap goes, you`ll need a older HEI with vacuum advance and mechanical advance, as the computer controlled HEI used the computer to advance the timing and had no mechanical advance. as far as the gauges go, the sending unit should bolt right up to your 350, as the 305 and 350 blocks are only different in bore size. I installed a Rallye pak gauge cluster in my 86 cutlass from a 82 cutlass calias, I had to swap some of the wires in the harness around, and all I did for sending units was get ones for a 85 camaro Z28 that had a rallye pak. GM sending units are pretty much the same. the sending unit for oil pressure should be in the rear of the block by the distributor, just install the one you intend to use. as for the check engine light removing the bulb works, but in my 86 cutlass, a friend removed a chip from somewhere behind the glove box and the light went out.

Forsaken502 09-06-2003 12:18 PM

Thanks for the info. I intend to use the distributor off the 350, but I bought a new rotor, cap, coil, and wires to freshen it up. If it worked on the 350 before, hopefully it still will. I'm going to strip the old distributor and use it as a primer for the engine oil. Since I don't know where the chip is, I'll just remove the light.

Any one know if I can take the computer out all together? or does it control other devices as well (I'm using the tranny from the non-computer controlled vehicle, the one that originally came with the 350)

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