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Control Arm Bushings
What is the easiest way to R&R MustangII upper control arm bushings? Is there a tool to do this job? I've heard an air chisel will work to remove them I have numerious heads for the air chisel and I guess one might work, but before I destroy the control arm I,d like some guidence.

KULTULZ 10-01-2002 03:28 PM

There is a special service tool that will press in/out control arm bushings on or off the car. The kit is about $300.00. :eek: Needless to say, you would have to do a lot of friend's cars to make that back.

If you are uncomfortable with an air hammer, just take the arms off and take to machine shop. 10-02-2002 07:47 AM

Thanks, a friend is getting this tool for 60% of to add to his home shop.

engineguy 10-04-2002 06:13 AM

Remember to have the weight of the car on the ground before tightening the control arm bushings. Have seen many cases where the bushings are tightened while the car is jacked up, then when it is on the ground, the bushings are in a bind. 10-04-2002 07:26 AM

Does this apply to the press in bushings or just the early style screw in bushings? Oh the air chisel with a mushroom head or point head works to remove them just a bit of wd40 and knock away.

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