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fbodyfreak 01-12-2006 05:11 PM

convert methanol back to gas
Does any body out there know how to convert back to gas? I know that the jets in the carb will have to be changed, but how can I test for the compression ratio being to high. I don't know anything about this engine it just landed in my lap. It is a VW engine on a rail buggy if that helps.
thanks :spank: :spank:

glassratt 01-12-2006 06:43 PM

meth 2 gas
why would you want to?what is your comp ratio?methenol is cheaper to run than race gas,runs cooler,& you need that in a vw in hot weather.just change the fuel pump,and jetting on the carb.check out my alky burner,the only way to fly at the track,sand,street.alky burns 2 gal of fuel to every 1 of gas,but more power is made do to the cooling aspects of the alky

fbodyfreak 01-12-2006 06:53 PM

methanol to gas
I don't know what the compression ratio is and i want to switch back to gas for convenience purposes. This is not going to be a racing application anymore, but it used to be for sand drag. I just want to play

johnsongrass1 01-13-2006 08:59 AM

You can't just rejet and go.

The passages that govern the fuel curves have been drilled out and redesigned to flow 2.2 times the amount of liquid.

glassratt 01-13-2006 03:06 PM

your lost
rejet the carb,and a new fuel pump for gas,if you were going to gas to methenol you need a carb with hardened needel seats and plastic floats methenol compatable.hes going FROM methenol to gas end of story,your fuel lines were used for alcohol wich is corrosive and if they were set up originaly for methenol should be som marvel mystry oil mixed with gas thru the lines to remove any crap,methenol atracts water and gels and if not maintained may need replaced.the pump needs to be changed due to fuel preesure and volume

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