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Originally Posted by mr4speed View Post
It is actually pretty simple as the 2 caddys I did was by myself, that is to remove and reinstall. Try doing one of those big monsters by yourself without a lift. First off you must have the wheels removed from the rottisorie, some of these units are welded on and this WILL NOT work if this is the case. You simply position the rottisorie right under both rocker panels with your attaching arms (the areas you would otherwise bolt to your body) facing under the rocker panels as you would with a 4 post lift. Then you simply jack the body off the frame working one side then the other, with the caddys being so rear heavy I placed an engine hoist at the rear and placed a strap to the trunk latch and then jacked that simutaineisly with the rest of the rottiserie. It must all be jacked a little at a time making sure that it is all coming off evenly. The other thing to remember is the placement of the rottisorie at the right point as to balance out the body as good as possible. Then all you need to do is jack it high enough to roll the frame out from under the body, and the rottisorie will jack that body as high as you need to go (will never get it high enough safely with a floor jack). Once the frame is out of the way you simply reverse the procedure and set the body down on four jackstands. Lowering the body is a little tricky as it wants to bind up as you lower it down, just get a big hammer and tap the rottisorie as you lower it down and it will go. Then all that is left to do is put your wheels back on it and set this jig up on both ends as you would normally. Hope I explained it well enough, it is really just common sense.
All I'm saying is that it was implied that it was "no sweat", your first line in this post is "It is actually pretty simple as the 2 caddys I did was by myself,". I thought that perhaps you installed an ingenious method of hydraulics on your rotisserie where you can raise or lower the front and the back at the same time. I've been thinking of how I could do that myself at minimal cost for years and was hoping you came up with it.

I feel it is easier with a lift and some buddies. I don't have to take my wheels of my rotisserie or anything. Before I had equipment, I've used the help of many of my friends to hand lift a body, set it on stand to attain the right height for the rotisserie, it wasn't easy, it was simple, hard work and not dangerous, mind you it wasn't a Cadillac either it was a 70 Road Runner, a bit of a difference in weight. It's always a precarious job transferring a body, especially a heavy body like a Cadillac onto a rotisserie and what you did is great, it worked. Again all I'm saying is for safety, ease of movement and the security of the vehicle, I use the equipment I have available and even with equipment, enlist the help of people to either raise or lower the body into position. For me, that's common sense.

We all have different ways of doing things and if this is the direction you want to go in and it works for you, all the more power to you.

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