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tommygun90 04-18-2005 05:49 PM

converting fuel injection to carb in 90, 302 NEED HELP PLEASE
I was wondering if there is a wiring harness or something to eliminate all of the useless wires when you convert over to carburated? I am switching my 302 into a 331 stroker with a 750 dp carb. i am trying to clean up all the wires on the firewall and make it look nice in the engine compartment. I know to run the wires behind the fenders but i just dont know what to keep and get rid of? Any suggestions? All appreciated. Thanks Tommie

Deuce 04-18-2005 06:36 PM


As the Moderator of General Rodding Tech.........let me be the first to WELCOME YOU :welcome:

Later model FI is not my in knowledge experience ....but I am sure someone here can help you......

DEUCE........ :thumbup:

Max Keith 04-18-2005 08:10 PM

You need to get a book with the wiring diagram in it. Go from there.
Curious though, what kind of RPM are you planning to turn that you need a 750 DP? Thats a way too big a carb for a street driven 331, unless you are planning to keep the engine running at about 7000 RPM plus all the time.
What other mods have you made to the engine?
If this is a more or less typical hot street setup, the most you need for a carb is a 600 CFM, and if you are running automatic, a vacuum secondary carb is an almost absolute necessity. A 600 CFM will easily take you out past 7000 RPM. You will find, if this is a street driven vehicle, your lower end power and performance will suffer greatly from running a 750 double pumper.

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