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327NUT 05-29-2012 10:33 PM

converting powerglide torque conv. to T-400
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I've been told that this can be done, saves weight and helps with slip at cruise speed. "Built" 507" Cadillac / TH400 in a 2800 lb. '32 Ford, the stock t/c is a very heavy 13" unit, a well respected small converter shop said that they can take an 11" powerglide t/c and convert it from 17 spline to the 30 spline TH400. They add Torrington bearings, set it up for 1800-2200 and generally do all the steps to make it live behind a very torquey engine.

Obvioisly with this size engine and light weight car....which will be a cruiser and not a race car I really don't need much stall, 98% of my driving will be on the highway @ 70 mph, my main interest is 5%-7% slip at cruise speed. Anyone of you trans/TC guys ever done this or heard of doing it, Feasable?

bracketeer 05-30-2012 02:13 AM

drag racers change powerglide convertors to th350/400 convertors. the input shaft is larger diameter and stronger. you hog out the hole in the pump to accommodate the larger shaft.

What you want to do would make the input shaft weaker and you cannot make the hole in the pump smaller. i would imagine you would have to buy a new pump or convert a powerglide pump to fit.

ethn_bert 05-30-2012 05:36 AM

With a light car you want a higher stall speed to keep from "pulling" through the brakes. I don't know if 1800-2200 would be enough. Talk to some other 32 owners and find out what they run. It is common for t-bucket cars to run 3000 stall with a stock or very mild engine. Reduces pedal effort at stop lights and such.

Good Luck.

Crosley 05-30-2012 06:07 AM

Mixing different converter parts has been performed for decades. The shop should be able to build converter you need for application on the T-400 trans.

The following does not apply to the T-400 in the OP discussion, just an FYI on the power glide shaft tube comment:

Power glide pump stator tube does not need bored out for 30 spline turbo sized shaft. Often the end of the stator support tube is machined out for a bushing to support the end of the turbo splined shaft.

That bushing is needed when the turbine hub inside the converter does not have a bushing on it. With the bushing in place you need to have a shaft with proper holes in it for fluid flow into the converter. You need a busing support on the turbine hub or the input shaft end at the stator tube.

There are larger shafts for the power glide, that can require a full replacement of the stator tube and pump. Must be careful here for proper matching parts

OneMoreTime 05-30-2012 06:09 AM

I have a similar type car with a Cad engine and TH400 and a 13 inch converter. Takes a 2500/3000 stall in these cars. the 10 inch converter can be done but one gets the smaller converter from a chev with the proper spline count to fit the TH400 and then changes the flywheel to one that has the smaller bolt pattern that bolts up the smaller converter. Takes $$$$$ to do this and is not a real advantage unless one is running comp eliminator or something...


327NUT 05-30-2012 10:06 AM

Ok, thanks gentlemen for the reply's, I'm in no big hurry for this t/c and I'm just kicking a few ideas that I hear about to you guys so I don't have something built that won't fit my appllication. Might have another one for you here before too long.......Dave

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