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Originally Posted by sbchevfreak
Unfortunately, this is some misinformation. The t-stat does affect the cooling of the coolant almost as much as it maintains heat. The t-stat stops coolant flow through the radiator when the engine temperature has dropped enough to close it. This allows the coolant in the radiator sufficient "soak" time to shed the heat that it has absorbed, and allows the coolant in the engine time to absorb sufficent heat from the combustion process. You can have all the airflow you want, but if you are pushing roughly 75 gpm or more (a SBC W/P is easily capable of this) through the rad, and the system only holds about 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 gallons, it will not cool down. This is not fancy, or "opinion" information, this is basic automotive theory.

My head is not "up my ***", I am both provincially and federally licenced as an Automotive Technician here in Canada, with about 17 or 18 years of hands on trade experience, including a 4 year compulsory apprenticeship training program.
Your head is up your ***, excessive coolant flow will not cause the coolant to retain more heat. What it will cause is for the system temperature to become more uniform thoughout, which is actually what you want.

And as someone that has a whole file folder full of certifications I know first hand any idiot with enough time on their hands can be certified. Its just like the guys that beat their chest proudly claiming 25+ years of experience- 25 years of doing it thr wrong way doesn't make it right.
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