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Originally Posted by vinniekq2 View Post
degree wheel,,ok.22 thou is a tight lash cam,was more wondering if you had over tightened 1 or more valves.,,,
my compression is 10.75:1 and I have no pinging.I tuned my engine for 92 octane but some stations here still have 94,all with out methanol. when the car is running well,hopefully you accelerate briskly on occasion to keep things clean.I can drive at 2 000 rpm in o/drive with out issues,I use 035-040 plug gap.I run my car 1 quart low.
I run 24 degrees total advance,no vacuum,about 16 at idle,all in by 2800 rpm,,,I use a holley 950 and vic jr intake and big headers.

also of note, your valve springs may have gone soft from sitting long periods of time with out running,,,think about when you park the car at least 1 valve is wide open and how long you left it like that???
Those are all good points Vinnie and I appreciate them. I'm going to re-check valve settings and check to make sure the the right springs stop bushing are installed and not contributing to excessive timing advance. Try a set of new plugs as well and see where I am.
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