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mikeweyman 03-25-2003 03:07 AM

corvette brake help??
hi folks, i am ready to redo the brakes on my 75 vette, i was told that it was different than bleeding regular brakes,any truth to this??
each caliper must be bled in two places, but is this the only difference??thanks in advance ,mike. :cool:

HotRodMan 03-25-2003 07:19 PM

I have 2 Corvettes and bleading the brakes can be more difficult than other cars. Concerning the caliper with two blead valves, blead the inside valve first then the outside. Unless you have a power bleader there are only two other methods of bleading the brakes that I know of that will work. The first is gravity blead. You simply fill the master cylinder with fluid, open the bleader valve with a drain hose on it and let gravity drain the lines. Keep the master cylinder full in the process until you see no bubbles in your fluid coming out of the caliper. If this does not work, I have found a $6.95 one man brake blead kit to work great but the trick is to have the recovery bottle higher than the caliper. Pump the pedal several times up and down with the bleader valve open all the while keeping the master cylinder full, until all the air is gone. No need to close the bleader valve each time you let the pedal up like the conventional method of bleading. If you replaced the master cylinder I would bench blead that before you put it back on the car. Start bleading with the longest brake line and work back to the shortest.

mikeweyman 03-25-2003 07:28 PM

thanks for the info. mike :)

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