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Thanks very much for all of your input. I can honestly say that the quality of the paint job would be close to a show job as I have painted many of my own cars and have been complimented numerous times on how well the paint turned out and then they ask who painted it. Most people can't believe that I was the one who painted the car and the next thing I hear "Can you paint mine?" I believe in taking a little more time for that perfect job than trying to rush things. I just find out that people normally don't understand why it takes so long and don't appreciate how much work that goes into a great paint job.
Once again thanks for all of your help. has been great so far and seems to be a great place to meet fellow hot rodders like yourselves!

Originally posted by mr4speed
I would keep the labor and materials seperate, whenever you need more materials just have him pick them up for you, that way you never have to worry about the cost of them. Then you just have to decide whats a fair price for the labor end of it, what kind of job you will end up giving him. Doing work for freinds is a tough one, you want to be as fair as you can without burning yourself, after all your the one doing the work.

By the way I also own a Sc/rambler as well, dont know if you already have all the paint formulas, but when I painted mine (back in 89) I lucked out as my local Mcglauhlins auto store had all the paint codes listed in the AMC section of there PPG paint code catalog. It was in bold printed section marked special paint codes for sc/rambler

special bright white
special bright blue (wheels)
special bright red
special black (rear valance)
These colors at the time were mixed in acrylic lacquer PPG Ditzler, just beware that the white is a much brighter white than your standard rambler white (more cream colored)....HTH!!!!
I beleive I still have the leftover paint up in the loft if you need the actual number codes off these cans to cross reference to your brand of paint..........just post back if needed!!

Thanks for all of your help. If you have those paint codes I'm sure they would be a huge help. I'm not sure if he has the codes for the paint yet so that would be great!
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