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Originally Posted by Mr. P-Body View Post
Edelbrock's "ratings" for RPM ranges are "suggested", not "in stone". This is particularly true with smaller market engines like the Pontiac. T-2 is the intake of choice for anything over 450 CID with "performance" in mind. We use it exclusively for street engines with ported heads and a "big" cam. The open plenum "softens" the low-end grunt of the bigger Pontiacs, to the point where you can get a semblance of traction. Unlike small blocks, when we say "low-end", we're not talking light-throttle drivability. That NEVER goes away... What we mean is on the "launch" at a dragstrip. Pontiacs are famous for big "wheelies" and blowing the tires off. Neither wheelies nor smoke get you "down the track" as quickly as possible.

When it comes to comparing the Pontiac to any of the Ford or Chevy offerings, there's not much "apples to apples". The 454 can make the torque, but at the cost of high-end power. 460 can, too. The big Ford is a little more "forgiving" where getting low-end AND high-end, than the BBC. Comparing the Pontiac to small blocks, of either "brand" is a mistake. The Pontiac makes the kind of power big blocks make, especially the torque numbers. In short, what you already "know" about engines generally does not "apply". Of course, the fundementals are all the same, but the Pontiac has a unique approach to power. The ability to make massive power at low engine speed is what made GTO the "king" of muscle cars and TransAm the "king" of road cars in their respective eras. It also means a very different "mindset" is required for proper gearing, shifting, tires, etc.

thanks, what little i've been able to find has suggested just what you're saying. and the further i get into the car the more i think someone was trying to make a "best of both worlds" car. i had a 59 f 100 that somebody had done the same thing to. had a built 460 a c6. then at some point they started working on the interior. custom dash, stereo, bucket seats etc.
that may be what happened here. on guy built it for the strip and the next guy tried to make a driver out of it and maybe did something stupid and spun a bearing.
so, the thought is that the low end is already so strong on this engine that it actually needs to be tamed to get a good launch and with the mods i'm seeing so far it actually keeps making power at higher rpm's?
from listening i didn't think the cam was all that big but from what i understand roller cams idle smoother that flat tappets, is that right? i've never used anything but flat tappet cams. i really just like street cars and even then i never street race. i haven't lit the tires up on anything on the street since i was a kid. maybe on a country road every now and then but that's it.
even with the knock it doesn't seem to be pinging on 93 octane. the torino had close to 11:1 c/r it pinged but i put hardened exhaust seats and guides in it and played with the timing and it ran like a champ on 93 after that.
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