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Frankenstein? Nah, that's damn near a Concours compared to a '70 TA Formula a former partner and I built in the early '80's.

At the time, we owned an amalgam of shops/businesses under a couple of roofs. There was a auto repair shop, a body and paint shop, an industrial sand blasting and paint biz, a glass shop, and a parts store. We had employees doing all the real work, so my partner & I could do antique restorations and build street rods & other toys.

Anyway, we had bought a 70 Formula for $100 -motor and trans because the front group had been blown off in a wreck and the OEm rubber-baby-buggy bumper front group was way expensive.

One night while getting inspirational, we got to wondering if a Camaro front clip would fit. Off to yard in the morning, and we cam back with a $20 hood with carb fire damage, a full L fender, and two free R fenders: one was crunched in the front and one was crunched in the rear, (that's why God created the wire welder, isn't?)

The Formula came with the 'shaker' hood scoop, so that took care of the carb fire damage.

The fenders didn't fit perfectly, but the curve was right. At the bottom of the fender behind the wheel, the Camaro notched in. A bit of welding and the Formula had a new front end. We bought a Z-28 air dam to finish it off, and came up with some older alum slotted mags in good shape.

Now, we needed a motor. Not long after, a thumping, loping Chev 4x4 pulled in. It was loud, it snarled, and popped. Out came a nearly 60 year old guy climbing down from the cab, cussing the entire time.

Turns out his kid had the car fever, but didn't have a car, so he did the next best thing, put a a bunch of money into a BB Chev and put it in his dad's work truck.

Needless to say, Dad was not impressed. He wanted to know if we could put a stock SBC back in it. Turns out he didn't have much money, so we made him a deal he loved, we found a low mileage stocker at the yard, and traded him straight across for the BBC. We even installed it for free.

The BBC went in the Formula 28/ZTA/Frankenstein with a Frankenstein TH400 I built. (I did some automatic rebuilding back then - I would keep all the good leftover parts and build Frankensteins. We'd install & warranty then for $150 to somebody who was broke and needed a new trans.)

So, Frank went into makeup, and came out with black lacquer.

We took it to a show in Portland, got a good location so the car was sideways to the lookers, and laughed our butts off at the neck breaking dbl-takes all weekend.

On Sunday night as we were trailering it, a guy walked up and offered us $5000 for it. Then we really laughed, all the way to the bank. Never saw it again, and never got any pictures of it.

It was weird looking, though.
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