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atcoscrazyest69 10-03-2012 10:52 PM

couple problems
Hey all. Well im having some issues.
Truck is an 86 chev crew shortbed stepside with 38s so my motors always under load
the engine.
400 small block chev
.30 over -5 cc dish pistons 268h cam vortechs performer edeljunk 600 one of my problems is i ran my truck down the track and when in 3 rd gear after i let off the throttle (sm465) it backfires from both pipes but only one time....? 2nd is i noticed if i wot in 1 st not granny it blows smoke but i cannot tell if its unburnt fuel or oil burning off. Im thinking the 600 edel is not enough airflow? Running rich as its sucking more fuel then air? Any ideas?

vinniekq2 10-03-2012 11:22 PM

black smoke is usually too much fuel,,blue smoke-oil,,,white smoke--water

back firing where? exhaust? could be unburned fuel igniting in hot exhaust,same thing can happen if you go down hill fast in a lower gear,shut off engine a few seconds then turn it back on.carbed engines will still draw fuel and the hot exhaust can ignite it. If you have ignition/weak spark/old plugs,under extreme conditions you might replicate that backfire

atcoscrazyest69 10-03-2012 11:54 PM

Its a blackish blue if that makes sense. I dont understand why the fuel wouldnt ignite it has a brand new timing curve kit. Middle spring. Msd 8.5 super conductor wires. Super couil it just doesnt feel it has the power it should. It ran a 17.08 with 38s and 4:10 gears. That was when it was a turbo 400 though
Maybe timings to far advance? It doesnt give me a problem starting.
It gives me problems throttling up as well..

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