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One thing you have going for you assuming it is a mechanical issue or at least I believe so, that it is a GM Good Wrench engine because the dealer where I am claims that any shop in North America can do an R & R with another new engine and GM will cover the shop costs. Thats even if you installed it initially and just don't feel like going through all the work yourself ... all over again. Of course it always sounds good standing one one side of the parts counter discussing it but in practice ... well that I can't say !.

As I am sure your aware, it can take a few heating and cooling cycles to finally get the coolant to settle in at a level but I would be concerned too if I saw a lot of bubble activity at the rad and more so if you see a constant flow of little bubbles reaching the reservoir as that just shouldn't happen once the system is full.

Just a shot in the dark item you could try in the same manor as the IAC, when its cold unplug the O2 sensor and see how the engine responds once it gets warmed up as it can't go into closed loop then and would remain rich. I don't know if its possible for an 02 sensor to go wacky like that or the system that is reading the 02 output. Definitely not an educated guess on my part though.

A question I thought I would throw out there for others familiar with the pollution testing stations in the states { there is no such thing in Alberta }, with the testing equipment can they sense if coolant is in the exhaust gas by chance ?.

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