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Unfortunately due to dial up I only saw the first few seconds of the coolant beginning to flow out of the rad but was reading over 64nailheads thoughts and nodding my head repeatedly. The water pump, general tune up parts and so forth should all be new with a new engine installation as it would be like buying a new truck off the lot and it had a number of half worn out parts put on it, take a guess how well that would work out down the road a ways in miles and years. Its bad enough with the accessories that tend to get swapped over such as a well worn starter, alternator, TBI assembly { which you are having problems with } as by rights all those items should be new as well, distributor and on and on. Unfortunately an engine install that covers all those externals as new is FAR more expensive then the initial cost of the basic long block drop in. It might sound like I am coming down on on you hard but that isn't the intention of my comments in the least, its just pointing out that doing a new engine install and covering all basis isn't inexpensive.

Hi tack, that product is wonderful for those times it fits the situation as it leaves a nice THIN layer of sealant on the surface and will add, its very advisable to wear those throw away thin gloves when working with it. While I use RTV or other types of silicone, the diff cover for example and so forth that doesn't use a gasket, the key is to use a thin layer of it so in the case of water pump or thermostat housing gaskets, LESS is more as they say. Just a thin thin layer if the product even if it allows for that as its hard to get some of these silicones spread thin enough.

Many years ago a friend of mine who used to work as a mechanic at a ford dealership, he commented about another mechanic in that shop who was famous for using FAR too much silicone and they had an engine come back that was having issues to say the least and pulled off the valve cover this mechanic had sealed on with silicone. Most of the silicone had broken off from the inside edge and had plugged up a lot of the oil passages back down into the crank case and I would imagine what did find its way into the oil pan would soon stick to the oil intake screen. Thats a perfect example of what can happen by way over use of sealants.
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