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How did he determine the fan clutch was bad or should say the viscous clutch as it only locks up when the engine would be quite hot and if everything is working properly and since its winter, the clutch would never have reason to kick in. I am guessing he meant the viscous assembly was weak as they will fail or leak out and then just about free wheel from what I have been told. I've found with those clutches or at least for my 95 chevy, the factory one never did lock up so I thought it was a dud and bought an aftermarket one and it took a lot of temperature for it to lock up { covering the grill in the summer time to experiment with this } . I don't like to see the temperature start climbing much over that 100c / 212f mark as I know the thermostat is probably all the way open by then and the temps can just sky rocket without warning after that. I'm not saying you should do this to your brand new clutch but just for future reference if you ever needed to do this. I re bent the outer tip of the bi metal spring a little to get the clutch cutting in earlier although not at too low a temperature as that would be very bad for over cooling and use a lot of gas to drive it. It worked well though when I did that modification and installed the largest rad I could find to fit the truck before heading through Death Valley in the middle of summer although I still kept the conditioning off... and its a black truck !.

I would suspect a leaking fuel injector isn't going to help the way the engine idles and probably should get that repaired or replaced before chasing everything else down for the surging idle situation.
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