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Originally Posted by painted jester
Corporate greed led to this mess we have here, we're even importing lime stone from china how can they mine crush & ship it for less then mining it here??? an American company thats based here but gets material from 3rd world countrys pays no terifs and still gets huge tax breaks or no taxes at all!! China, Mexico etc etc, has no child labor laws, no retirements,no health laws, no comp insurance, no e.p.a. 16 hr 7 day work weeks, in china they live and sleep at the factory's in little rectangular boxes, they shop at factory stores, dump the factory poisons any place , I was flown there about 8 years ago to repair some American made machinery that we (Americans) shipped there and we installed. and I saw this first hand, young children couldn't have been over 10 working an assembly line before going to school at the same factory. Husbands and wives working 16 hrs a day for less then 30 dollars a week (American curancy equivalent)!!! I went to mexico to help set up a ford casting plant just on the other side of the border and the wast chemicles were dumped on the ground right behind the plant and ran in a ditch through poor peoples yards. Children were sick and dieing people had open soars , disentary, we couldnt drink the water, and had bottled water supplied to us, but the people there drank that nasty stink water!! How can our manufacturers compete with that.

The president cant create manufacturing jobs, corporations do , Your stores here like Wallmart quit buying American goods, and quit even stocking them because there are bigger profits in this imported crap from India, Korea, Mexico Etc, and if Americans dont stand up and ask for quality U.S. products and start buying Made in U.S.A. This country will go to pot ! now auto part stores are starting to refuse to sell me mooge made in USA parts and only deal with one warehouse and try to sell me falcon parts made in china that are pure crap products. Napa with all their imported crap, car guest, auto zone, ETC, push this crap!!!! You can buy some cheep rotors for less then having one turned!!! If you go in a store and they dont have USA products how can you buy Them!!!! I dont think we have one brand of tire made here? Every one who wants an engine built by me wants eagle cranks (cheep) I think if I remember right their made in china I may be wrong on what I was told (so Ill apologize now)!! Ive been getting spark plugs with buggerd up threads or no threads at all from many of the name brands.

I wish someone in Washington would give a speech telling people to ask for and buy USA products or not shop at that store! Preferably by a president!


Do you remember the "MADE IN USA" campaign Walmart used to have? Do you remember what stopped it? When Hillary Clinton came on to the board of directors at Walmart she put a stop to the "Made In America" campaign.

The people Hillary and Walmart did business with in China were large donors to Hillary's campaign. What was the first thing Hillary did as Secretary of State? She went to China and said (there are U-tube videos of this) "We are resetting relations...we are no longer interested in your human rights violations; we are just interested in securing loans for our bail outs!"

I don't agree with corporate greed being the problem. Getting product made elsewhere is the only way because the government has regulated and taxed our product out of profitability. What have we done over the last couple years? We doubled the size of government while industry has shriveled up like crops with no water.

Our government can not support itself on the taxes of government entities. That's like giving your children allowances and taxing them to pay for the allowance; it won't work.

There is a long list of things making corporations non competitive i the United States. Number one on the list is corporate taxes. Until we drop the corporate tax rate it is simply cheaper to buy product made elsewhere.