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chevy350_Camd 10-19-2008 08:41 AM

Crank Question ?

Heres whats up, I recently got a block from a guy that looked liked it was in good shape, it had no upper ring on the top of the cylinder but the mains were snapped in half and ground down till they they were razors, So I wanted to use a crank that came out of A 350
(and the newly gotten block is a 350 bore and medium size journal) the motor that I took the crank out of was rebuilt 5 years ago but it sat for about 2 and only has 10000 miles on it so I figured I could put that crank in the recieved block and use the rods and pistons that came with it but I didnt know If it needs to be balanced with the different rods and pistons.

SlowGTA 10-19-2008 09:29 AM

I don't think I understand your question. You said you got a BLOCK from a guy but the mains are snapped and razor thin so you wan't to know if you can use a different crank????? :confused:

To the second part of your question: Lots of folks swap cranks, rods, and pistons around without balancing. If all of the weights between the old and new parts were close and this isn't a high HP high RPM engine you might get away with it. IF the weights of the parts were way different you won't. Do you know what the crank donor engine had as far as rods and pistons? Had the rotating assembly been balanced for that engine?

Not trying to discourage you but there's not much information here and you're asking broad questions. If you can provide more information on what parts you have and what you wan't to do with them we can give you better answers.

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