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Old 06-29-2012, 04:34 PM
IMO get new bearings. its crazy to reuse them. some people might say go ahead but they aint got any ties to the damage that can and might occur.

first of all bearings are crush type and if you reuse them you can wind up with oil pressure issues and a spun bearing wrecks havoc on rods/crankshafts.
they are super cheap so get new ones.
if you cant catch your finger nail on the old bearings your rods should be fine and reuseable as is.
when i built my first SBC stroker in the 80s i made the mistake of assembling the engine and taking it apart a few times and not thinking of the crush on the bearings and it ended up with low oil pressure and eventually wound up spinning a bearing my machinist warned be about this but i thought they looked good and reused them. so please take it from me and get new bearings they are super cheap and great insurance as far as mains make sure they are the right ones as the discoloration you described may be due to undercut main journals.
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