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Jooooooe 04-12-2002 07:56 PM

To be exact, there where 602 Z's made in '67 in '68 there where a little over 7000, in '69 a litte over 19,000 (used to know the exact numbers all the way to '74 when they discontinued the Z for 2 years). There was one significant change to the '68 Camaro, they began staggering the shocks on the rear axle to prevent the problem of wheel-hop that the '67's had. From 67-69 the 302 was the "only" motor availiable for the production Z/28. Also, one other early Camaro fact, a large number of 69 Camaros are actually 1970 models, Chevrolet did not introduce the second generation til mid 1970 which also makes all '70 Camaros actually '70 1/2. In most publications the '70 model Z is listed and advertised as a '70 1/2 Z/28. In 70 the LT-1 350 was introduced and used in the Z/28 and Corvette, becoming the highest output factory small-block with 350 HP. Although it is claimed that the 290 HP rating of the 302 was way off purposly in an effort to reduce insurance costs.

reddwarf 04-12-2002 08:13 PM

The Z28 302 is probably my favorite engine.

People really shouldn't say things about who made what engine, because over the years, all different displacements were made by all mfgs....

Nobody offers a crate 302 Z28 to my bad, wouldn't that be great?

GMC's V6 was a 305cid

critter 04-14-2002 10:50 PM

I was 9 in 70 and can still remember the 302 in my cousins 55 210 post, it was one fast car, I also remember the 305 GMC that my Dad had in his 61 3/4 ton. GMC also offered several V6s up to 5??cid, this I know cause of the Big Wheels truck my Dad had that I had to keep runnin 76-80

1BAD80 04-24-2002 04:12 AM

Go to this site for the latest GM crate motors and parts. They give all prices.


Biggarmike 04-25-2002 07:16 AM

There is a lot of good info here on the 67-9 302. It's pretty funny now, everybody is cloning Z-28 Camaros. I've seen more "67 Z-28 cars" in the last year or two than Chevy made in all three years! and No they did NOT build any 67 Z-28, RS Ragtops (I saw one at a show a couple of months ago wearing a 6 cyl std conv protecto plate, the owner swore it was a RS Z28 Conv, very rare! LOL) the original 302 wore DZ as engine code, good luck finding one. You can easily build one from parts, but if you are not into class racing, there is no substitute for cubic inches.

dinger 04-25-2002 07:31 AM

just one more comment on the 302 after reading the original post...many racers like to "season" their blocks before building a race motor, use them in their tow vehicles, buy them used from a wreck, and propane motors are also a good way to go, little wear and tear but still seasoned. as far as rs, ss, models go, gm did some strange things back in the 60s, a buddy had a rs with a 6 cylinder, the rs package was considered a dress package and could be ordered with just about any combo of motors gm offered. all of the big 3 did a bit of "magic" at times, meeting requirements for production in the racing divisions, i.e., nascar required 500 units to be eligible to race in their stock class. we've all heard the stories of the nascar inspector watching and counting the cars come out one end, driven back around to the other end, dismantled and built again for the 500 true? i couldn't say one way or the other. i'd hate to call a man a liar on his model of car, production sheet would be nice to see though.

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