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years ago the motor in my truck turned loose about 2 weeks before i was ready to swap it out. so i bought an old VW beetle for a daily driver while my truck was down. after the new motor was in, i really had no use for the beetle. so a friend of mine came up with the ideal to make it into a dirt buggy to take off road. now i enjoyed off roading on dirt bikes, but i had never done it in a truck or a car, so the project was a go.
we took all the glass out and my buddy got a built up dual port motor from a guy for the work he had done on the guy's house. it had a header on it, the kind that comes over the top of the motor. so some cutting on the car was needed to get the motor in. we got it done and man was that thing fast. within 30 seconds we had rolled in the back lot. so, it wasn't stable in a turn. no problem, we cut off the rest of the fenders and put some offset wheels that added about a foot in width, and now it could power slide really good in the back lot.
we also decided a roll cage of some kind would be a good ideal.
the next trip to the back lot resulted in a large tree limb thru a side window opening, that wasn't good. humm,.. some expanded metal was in order. how to mount it? easy, weld it to the window frames. we put the expanded metal over all the window openings. i didn't like the ideal of getting impaled by a tree limb, so i made sure it was welded in all the way around. i even put a few braces from it to the roll cage.

first trip out, its mostly my car so i drove first. we had never been on the trails where we went that first time and it was dark, so i took it easy. nothing wild, i didn't use more than second gear.
now, my friend was a lunatic off road. he hit third gear thru a blind turn and ran right between 2 trees. the distance between these trees was about 1 inch less than the beetle was on the outside of the doors. we were stuck solid, wedged in and the car wouldn't move, which meant the doors wouldn't open.
remember that expanded metal, welded to all the window frames?
August in Houston is hot, plus its humid from the rain, with rain you get mosquitoes, lots and lots of mosquitoes, and they are all out for blood.
even with some serious motivation, it took us most of the night to kick the front piece of expanded metal out.
the impact had sheared the lug bolts on both front wheels and we had no ideal where the tires were at, and we didn't really care at that point,we would find them the next day.

so we go back the next day armed with 2 old brake drums, lugs bolts, a chain saw, and a big can of OFF.
we find the tires, the wheels are damgaged but their good enough to limp out with. we cut one of the trees down, and then notice the front suspension, its trashed.
the following day we're back with another front suspension and 2 big cans of OFF.

some more padding was added, a few mods to the expanded metal on the back side windows so it could be opened, and an escape hatch cut in the roof were done before the next trip.
and we bolted an ammo can in the back floor board, for the OFF.

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