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NEW INTERIORS 07-10-2009 05:32 PM

The craziest thing you ever did with a car,or truck..
I would have to say.When I was around 10 years old,My step dad (that never like me) :spank: :boxing: Was building a 70's model truck,Had a v8 and a shifter on the column.And he never wanted me around him,or the truck.Well right in front of the truck,He had a shed I guess it was about a 8x8 shed up on block's,Well to make a long story short.He and my mom went down the street for a while..I was at the house with one of my old friends.The truck looked more and more funner ever time I looked at it..Me and my friend decided,Hey let's go for a ride.(NOT A REAL ONE)Well we were in the truck,Making all kind's of sound's,Then my friend found the key's and the truck.Well I thought it would be cool to just start it up,And let the motor make the sound's..''BAD IDEA'' !!!! :pain: when I hit the starter(Now remember I was 10 years old,And had know Idea the truck would take off..) :pain: :drunk: I didn't know you had to hold the clutch down when it's in gear. :pain: Well when It took off it went forward,And that's where the shed was.. :eek: Well there was no way of getting out of trouble,Because it hit the shed so hard,It pushed it off the block's..Man you talk about a joy ride that went bad fast !!!!!! :pain: :spank: :boxing: Plus the damage I did to the truck..This really made him hate me.The rest of the years was a living He** with him..

If my back side could talk...Yall would hear the rest of this story.... :(

I thought this would be fun to do, :D So try and keep it clean, :sweat: I know where we can take this, :drunk: But like I said keep it clean please... :thumbup:

wretched ratchet 07-10-2009 05:57 PM

Back in the early '70s when we lived in the Rocky Mtns. I had an old army jeep with a studebaker champion engine in it. We drove that thing all over Summit County and surrounding areas. There was no road or trail that we wouldn't try to get it up, however, there was the one place they called "Devils Ridge" that was some kind of challenge. The road was just barely vehicle wide and just kinda carved into the side of the mountain with no trees on either side and it got real steep at the very top. Well, me and the boys decided to try it one afternoon (without telling the missus). Everything went pretty good until the very top and I lost traction because of the light weight and couldn't get over the top. The ONLY RECOURSE was to back down and that meant holding the brakes a lot and they got real hot. So we ended up turning it into the side of the mountain, leaving it overnight and walking home.

A friend of mine that had a Power Wagon took me back up the next day and helped me get it down and back home.

(oh, Yes, the missus was hot - - especailly when she found out the boys were with me :spank: :boxing: :nono: )

carsavvycook 07-10-2009 06:49 PM

Back when I was in middle school, our P.E. teacher was a real pain in the, you know where. He was an ex-drill instructor from the Marine Corps. Well, he owned one of those tiny brand new Honda N series cars. We picked it up, and placed behind the posts, that blocked vehicles from driving down the school walk ways. We also would turn it sideways in the parking space.

We found out where he lived, and gazed at the roof of his car port. We decided to park it on top of it. 2 long planks of wood, a rope, and success.

The next morning we were watching from down the street, while the police were writing down the report on his 'stolen' car.

The little old lady that lived across the street from him, walked out in her robe to pick up the morning paper. She just stood there gazing at the car on the car port, and one of the officers noticed her, and turned around and looked up.

The last 5 weeks before summer vacation, started out pure h**l for all of his students, and when he found out those of us that did it. I'll just say, he laughed while we were wishing we were dead.

deadbodyman 07-10-2009 07:52 PM

back in my school days we had a little spot called the sand pit there was a long 1/4 mile straightaway at the end was a three-walled pit (Very private)well it rained for three days and when it stopped the boys and I went plinking(shooting cans)with my 22, on the way back, we ran into our girl friends driving their dads old plymouth (a four door fury) the dirt road had a big monster puddle so a new road went around the puddle(pond)knowing this we said wanna race?their responce "ell ya"and kicked up a cloud of dirt well we had my dads old 3/4 p/u which caught up to that old plymouth rather quickly and we were doing 60mph when they went around the puddle and we went through it.....thinking it would be funny to splash their car....but.....The wave..... we created was so big we couldnt even see the car through the brown muck...musta been twenty foot make matters worse it was a hot day and all their windows were rolled down.....coming out of the wave side ways their car came to a screeching stop,we also stopped(big mistake)but we were laughing so hard we couldnt even walk so forget running when they ran over and kicked our butts..... every time I opend my eyes I saw their wet scraggley hair and dripping face paint I started laughing hysterically all over again to this day I'll start thinking of it and start laughing again and when my wife asks whats so funny?I dont dare tell her.... it took a long time for her to forgive me......And then there was that time I tapped the brakes when she was putting on her lipskick in the visor mirror (two weeks ago) ever get beat up by bozo the clown? woman's a saint.... I'm still alive

Dave57210 07-10-2009 09:41 PM

Stupid car trix
Back when I was 16, and had only a "learner's license", my family was visiting my uncle, who was a cop. One day while he was at work, I took his Olds (without permission!) and went for a drive. Long story short, I came around a long sweeping turn on the hiway, at about 95 mph, and GUESS WHO had his patrol car parked there with a radar on it? (And, of course saw his own Olds blow by at Mach 1?)

I still think I would have been better off if it had been a stranger in that black & white!

RODDER18 07-10-2009 10:34 PM

Boy does this bring back some memories. Some of my buddies and I would buy old cars that ran and drove for 50-100 dollars. We would then use them at the local race track for what was then called one on one races. Some of these cars never made it that far because we would practice on back roads slamming into each other as we tried to out run each other. On one weekend we had about destroyed a 1970 galaxie and when we parked it the engine was so hot the engine had run on and would not shut off and the heads were glowing red. Another one needed to be brought back from the track and we did not have a trailer. So we went over to pick it up and the right front tire was flat so I jumped in and told a buddy to follow me home. After a few miles of going 60 with a flat the center of the wheel broke out and the smoking wheel flew off the car into the ditch. Knowing that if i stopped we would be in even bigger trouble so I canned it and headed for home with a shower of sparks from what was left of the brake rotor. We dropped the car at a local shop and had a lot of explaining to do the next day when the owner of the shop called my dad about the car sitting in his parking lot. Even with the punishment that followed that was was a pretty good weekend.

Soul_Hunter 07-11-2009 12:48 AM

years ago the motor in my truck turned loose about 2 weeks before i was ready to swap it out. so i bought an old VW beetle for a daily driver while my truck was down. after the new motor was in, i really had no use for the beetle. so a friend of mine came up with the ideal to make it into a dirt buggy to take off road. now i enjoyed off roading on dirt bikes, but i had never done it in a truck or a car, so the project was a go.
we took all the glass out and my buddy got a built up dual port motor from a guy for the work he had done on the guy's house. it had a header on it, the kind that comes over the top of the motor. so some cutting on the car was needed to get the motor in. we got it done and man was that thing fast. within 30 seconds we had rolled in the back lot. so, it wasn't stable in a turn. no problem, we cut off the rest of the fenders and put some offset wheels that added about a foot in width, and now it could power slide really good in the back lot.
we also decided a roll cage of some kind would be a good ideal.
the next trip to the back lot resulted in a large tree limb thru a side window opening, that wasn't good. humm,.. some expanded metal was in order. how to mount it? easy, weld it to the window frames. we put the expanded metal over all the window openings. i didn't like the ideal of getting impaled by a tree limb, so i made sure it was welded in all the way around. i even put a few braces from it to the roll cage.

first trip out, its mostly my car so i drove first. we had never been on the trails where we went that first time and it was dark, so i took it easy. nothing wild, i didn't use more than second gear.
now, my friend was a lunatic off road. he hit third gear thru a blind turn and ran right between 2 trees. the distance between these trees was about 1 inch less than the beetle was on the outside of the doors. we were stuck solid, wedged in and the car wouldn't move, which meant the doors wouldn't open.
remember that expanded metal, welded to all the window frames?
August in Houston is hot, plus its humid from the rain, with rain you get mosquitoes, lots and lots of mosquitoes, and they are all out for blood.
even with some serious motivation, it took us most of the night to kick the front piece of expanded metal out.
the impact had sheared the lug bolts on both front wheels and we had no ideal where the tires were at, and we didn't really care at that point,we would find them the next day.

so we go back the next day armed with 2 old brake drums, lugs bolts, a chain saw, and a big can of OFF.
we find the tires, the wheels are damgaged but their good enough to limp out with. we cut one of the trees down, and then notice the front suspension, its trashed.
the following day we're back with another front suspension and 2 big cans of OFF.

some more padding was added, a few mods to the expanded metal on the back side windows so it could be opened, and an escape hatch cut in the roof were done before the next trip.
and we bolted an ammo can in the back floor board, for the OFF.

MARTINSR 07-11-2009 01:25 AM

Some funny stuff guys! I know something will pop up in my head later but the second I read the thread title a vision came to me. The time I honestly thought that I could die. I have done a lot of stupid things in cars but seldom have they meant death if they failed.

But my best friend in high school (still is) had a 340 Duster. There was an old farm road near my house that had been the "Paradise Road" of our town for years. It was about a mile long with a nice smooth area in the middle that measured exactly a quarter mile. Well this buddy and I were on a shake down run one afternoon that scared me to death. We were going along on this old narrow road that had a huge crown, it was like driving on the top of a pipe. :pain: Anyway, I remember looking over at the speedo to see that it was PEGGED. We are talking WAY past the 120 mark and bouncing off the little peg that stops the needle from coming back around to zero!

My buddy has one hand on his leg and with other on the TOP of the steering wheel. He is lifting his elbow up so he can see the speedo! I was scared CHITLESS, I honestly saw my life flash before my eyes. I will never forget that!

This guy by the way is now a very accomplished autocrosser with a wife that does the same in her ZO6 Vette. Some guys never change.


NEW INTERIORS 07-11-2009 01:51 AM

This is some great story's... :D And I thought I had a good one..LOL. :D I will let a few more tell there's,And I will tell you about my X- father-in-law's truck I back into the water at a boat Dock.. :sweat:

And that's not why he's my x father-in-law.. :D :D :D

AmericanPackMule 07-11-2009 05:27 AM

One of several stories of my youth:
I Was Working at a car wash, When a well known Officer of the Law, brings his City Owned Harley, With Extra Chrome he bought, comes in for his often Wax & Polish job. Left Friday Night & Picked up Monday Morning.

The bike sitting in the polish bay with about 6 of us guys standing around it, looking... I Said: I'll bet none of you can Start The Bike! Well... My Response from them was, Nor can you!

That was true... But they arn't to know that!!! I said Sure I Can. Well they said Prove it!

I know it has a key somewhere... if i turn the key till the red light shows up someware on the instrument cluster "It's On". When I turned the key, a light came on! I said that is how... But they said 'It not running! O.K. I turned the key to START. ( IT LUNGED FORWARD, IN FIRST GEAR, INTO THE WORK BENCH! Braking the Head Light & Wind Shield!) The other guys were too scared to Laugh... I Went to the H.D. Dealer & bought a NEW: Headlight & Windshield. & Replaced them... When the Officer came to pick up the bike: He said: The Windshield looks like new, with a puzzled look on his face. I LOOKED AT HIM AND SAID "DON'T ASK" in a pleeding tone.

deadbodyman 07-11-2009 06:53 AM

While living in Troy,N.Y. I discoverd some railroad tracks on top of a steep incline and quite by accident I found out what the"caution" sign meant,when I caught air by accident (really) ,the van I was driving flew nice and level and landed on all fours, it felt like a foot of air but was probably 5-6 inches. ( what a blast) so I did what any young adventurous male would do.......I turned around and did it again......but faster.....holy mother of god......I flew and flew,still landed beautifully (must have been the balance of the van) now that was much fun I went and picked up my friends (two)we got an aluminum lawn chair so the third guy could ride "beach" (in the middle) and headed for the tracks,we hit the tracks at 15mph and flew...everybody loved it and we did it every day for about a week.....then we started talking about in front of another friend and he wanted to try it so away we went but this time I floored it,we caught so much air I had time to see other cars coming the opposite direction pulling over(way over)it felt like eight foot of air this time (but was probably ten),and came in for a perfect landing.unfortunenetly we hit the ground so hard we bounced three or four times catching air again and again, the guy next to me squashed the aluminum chair flat into the floor....I can only imagine what the people coming from the other direction thought ,seeing the whole bottom of that van coming towards them......I dont know how I survived my teenage years.and my dear old mom says the same thing....but she dont know the half of it. After seeing other cars coming for the first time I never did it again........I never thought of that. ahhhhh ,to be young and dumb

boatbob2 07-11-2009 12:19 PM

crazy things teen agers do.........
Hi,Ha,im not even going to tell the crazy stuff i did when i was 15 years old. the time i found the keys to the used car office,where theykept all the car keys,every nite for a long time,i would go and get a key,check out the car,no gas,go get another key,find one with gas,drive it til the gas was about gone,take it back to the used car buddies dad owned the car lot,years later,maybe 20 years,i told his dad about all the cars of his i drove.he laughed like H- - - or the time we put the lady teachers crosley hot shot rear end on a concrete block,she really loved that POS,she started the car,wound itthru the gears,and i kicked it off the block.she wiped the front end out on the principals ford,and laid the crosley drive shaft on the ground (twisted and all bent up..she sat there crying..good for her...she was a pig anyhow.i know im a meanie !!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

cobalt327 07-11-2009 12:57 PM

I traded a '70 Yamaha R5 for a '64 short-box Econoline and it was a major hit w/the ladies. So my friend Hank decided he had to get in on some of that.

I had a nice, deep feather mattress in the back. You could fluff it up and two people could be in the middle and not see over the top.

Hank decided to one-up me so he got a water bed into the back of his van (an ugly blue long box, year unknown). I told him that thing gonna weigh a TON, but he was unswayed- it was gonna have a water bed and that was that.

Later, after the wreck, I saw what a ton of water would do to the front seat mounts of a van! He had slammed on his brakes for whatever reason, and the WB became a freaking TIDAL WAVE that crunched him into the windshield, breaking the rear seat mounts right off the seat/floor and pinned him there until he was able to get himself out.

He survived w/nothing more than a badly bruised body- and ego. Fortunately, no one was w/him at the time.

61bone 07-11-2009 06:02 PM

:D Grandad had a couple of late 30s cars that went under in the flood of 52. They were left down in the trees to return to earth.When the 4th of July came around all the kids got a pack of firecrackers. These weren't the kiddy crackers you get today. These were the ultimate 2 3/4"x 3/8" blow your hand off boomers, just one step down from the M-80s or ashcans. In my 8 year old search for adventure I dropped them in every hole I could find. Ahhh, what better hole than the one where the gascap used to be. I can still see the ol Chev with doors a flapping doing a slow endo about 20 feet in the air amidst a huge ball of fire. Grand dad was not amused, but I was. Never did get the other car to go off.

Oldguy48 07-11-2009 06:35 PM

When I was about 14, I had a 53 Ford that I literally stripped off everything that I could, so it was basically a frame, driveline, and seat. A friend had a similar 49 Ford, and another had a 51 Chevy. What a blast racing those things around on old dirt roads. No one ever got hurt (which was miraculous), we never got nailed by the local cops, and we had a ball with them.

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