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tm454 08-30-2003 01:44 PM

Cruising or chasing sales?
Had the 53 Chevy all cleaned up and ready to cruise but my wife had other ideas. Grocery store, pie store, Liqueur store, Sears. 4 bags at the grocery store and 3 cases of soda. 2 pies and a roll of some kind. Booze for the weekend. A 10X10 fold down canopy and 3 cans of lighter fluid, I have a gas grill??? Now she wants to WASH The CAR??? Break in a new chamois and some carnuba?? I don't have a trunk, I have no rear seat, I have a roll cage and she loads it up like a truck! Calls it the grocery getter--ha--ha--ha!


Rat Rods Rule!

trees 08-30-2003 02:24 PM

Todd, sounds like "grocery getter" has already been well established, plus your are well on the way to being "time managed"!!!

Have a nice week end!!


Bob Norris 08-30-2003 05:10 PM

Todd just a thought, maybe the wife really likes the 53. And she is proud to be seen in it. So she had you take her to all the places her friends would be, the grocery store, liqueur store and so on. I think she might like the 53 and her proud hubby. Since space is the problem take her to the grocery store then take the groceries home. Then do the next store and what ever. Now while doing all this cruising from store to home and home to store be sure to hit some of the spots you would like to go. I don't know maybe this could be fun for both of you. Make a day of it.
If not come by and pick me up we can cruise. But know this the only thing I can offer you is car stories (some out and out lies). Have some fun with the 53 that's what it is all about. Good luck and best wishes.

Weimer 08-30-2003 07:30 PM


So she had you take her to all the places her friends would be... liqueur store
HAHAHAHAHAHA....Just something sounds so funny about that!


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