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Originally Posted by 39chevy
Weimer, quick question for you? How much do I gain with say my paint guns etc. by adding a 2nd say 40 to 60gal tank (to hold air of course) to my existing 5 hp 60 gal tank, single stage? Thanks, Dana. I know this post is over 3months old!

Three months old? It's over 6 years old!

As for your question I can easily answer that and this has been discussed to death already, you will gain exactly nothing! Think about it. if you double your capacity you will double the time before you run out of air but then you also double the time you wait on the compressor to catch up. If your compressor is less than a 100% duty cycle as most home types are then you can actually lose performance due to the pump getting hot from from the extended recharge times. When the pump is overheated CFM drops and so over a given work period you can actually lose run time as opposed to gaining anything. Sure it can be a help to have an extra couple of minutes of run time when painting but if you are running out of air now then you probably still will and running out at the wrong time with an extended recharge period could have serious negative effects, bad things can happen if you have to wait too long on air. Honestly I have seen this tried many times and the results were almost always unsatisfactory. It is a fact, a bigger tank does not make a bigger compressor and doubling the tank capacity on a compressor with less than a 100% duty cycle is going to seriously shorten it's service life due to the unreasonably long recharge vs cooling cycles that will occur every time it recharges. Doing this will be a mistake, you can have longer but fewer cycles or shorter but more frequent cycles but over any given work period your air supply will be the same regardless of tank capacity, that is unless the pump is overheated! You think waiting on it to recharge now is a bummer just try waiting on that pump to recharge 120 gallons!

The size of the tank is chosen by the manufacture to balance the run/recharge cycles and NOT to increase performance as is often mistakenly believed, that is not and never was the purpose for selecting a tank. Keep what you have your compressor will thank you for it by lasting longer!
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