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Here we go again! You have gone to a lot of trouble to accomplish next to nothing. You say that the bigger tank gives you WAY more volume to run your tools but that is just plain wrong! I know that some will just not accept it but it is a FACT! a bigger tank WILL NOT help your compressor keep up with a tool that is using more air than the pump is producing. The purpose of the tank is to control the on-off cycle rate and it is impossible for the tank to make a compressor produce more air. The common misconception here is that the tool will be running on stored air but that can not help because the avaliable stored air volume will be used in a VERY short time(usually a matter of seconds) when using somthing like a DA sander with a 10 CFM pump and a 60 gallon tank campared with a 30 gallon then you will have to wait longer for the tank to recharge so you gain nothing. You WILL see a big increase in performance if you just hook the two compressors togather but the propane tank is a lot of trouble for almost no benefit except to make life a little easier on the compressors. The bigger tank/volume myth is probably the biggest misunderstanding about compressors and is pushed by a lot of makers because the customer can see that big tank but they can not see CFM which is what runs your tools and is what really counts. Hook up the two compressors and you should have a usable set-up but do your self a favor and forget the propane tank or better yet take Weimer's advice and just get a bigger(CFM, not tank or "peak" HP) compressor. If you insist on using the set-up you described then Weimer also made two extremely important safety points that should be addressed immediately! I have been building and installing air systems for over thirty years and I have seen many things tried in order to increase air volume from an under-sized system but in the end the laws of physics ALWAYS win, there is just no way around it!
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