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Jon 06-19-2003 05:48 PM

custom avatars are ready
I've just finished importing all of our custom avatars from the last board, and getting up to date on all of the custom avatar submissions recently sent in to

You should see your custom avatar on the board now. If you don't, here are some reasons:

1. You have some old pages in your browser cache. Dump your cache, and reload the page.

2. You have your old avatar picture in your browser cache. Reload the image (the method for doing this varies with browser/platform, but usually involves a right-click on the image, and then a selection from the resulting menu. Macintosh users, instead of a right-click, just click-and-hold).

3. There was an error on my part.

If you aren't sure how to do #1 or #2, just wait a couple of days, and your browser should automatically refresh to the new avatar image. If you have gone through #1 and #2, or you have waited a couple of days, and you still don't see your avatar, please place a new thread in the Hotrodders Q&A forum.

If you want a custom avatar, just send a pic to It will be resized and added to your profile. Alternatively, you can select from one of 130 standard avatars by clicking on "my profile", then clicking on "Edit Options", then scroll down and click on the "Change Avatar" button.

Next, I will be working on integrating the photo album from the old board into our new board structure.

bad429 06-19-2003 06:04 PM

Jon. My avatar came up today, looks good. Thank you very much sir.

MotoPsycho 06-19-2003 08:03 PM

Just testing too see if mine is back

troy-curt 06-19-2003 09:24 PM

It`s great to have them back, feels like home now great job Jon.

Deuce 06-19-2003 09:31 PM


Just a test........

Looking to see IF my avatatar shows up.......


Fireball 06-19-2003 09:53 PM

Thanks. Forget my PM from earlier today asking when the avatars would be back.

Croz 06-19-2003 11:02 PM

so my kitten is still there?!

Weimer 06-19-2003 11:37 PM

Just checking mine also...

crazy larry 06-19-2003 11:40 PM

might as well. :mwink:
<-------- soon to be replaced with a new and improved Ford big block.........

Kevin45 06-20-2003 01:44 AM

Checking here also.

Frisco 06-20-2003 04:05 AM

Thanks Jon! Keep up the great work!

crazy larry 06-20-2003 05:04 AM

just checking my sig

TooMany2count 06-20-2003 07:38 AM

great work jon & thanks....joe :D

chevyluvnpuppy 06-20-2003 09:32 AM

is mine working?

chevyluvnpuppy 06-20-2003 09:34 AM

thanks Jon .. your awesome!


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