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PRO 48 fleetline 01-14-2007 12:07 AM

Custom Dash Layout for 48 hot rod..
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Heres a few photos of my idea for my dash in my 48 fleetline i am using a 56 Del-ray steering wheel and an ididit column staying with an older theme to the car rather than just throwing all auto meter gauges in it, the gauge cluster is a 57 Chevy truck peice and thinking of running some 56 chevy front fender trim off to the sides of it keeping a really clean smooth theme to the layout looking for input thanks!

pasadenahotrod 01-14-2007 01:12 AM

You have a winner there! Get after it!

80elky 01-14-2007 05:04 AM

You have a good vision. I'd like to see some progress pics. I like the pro street look as well on the older type cars. Any build up pics so far?

PRO 48 fleetline 01-14-2007 09:14 AM

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Sure i have to many build photos lol, love to share
The car is all in mock up now engine included the motor will be a 415 SB chevy with 220 AFR heads a polished single plane and an 850 demon
350 turbo with vaule body and 3500 stahl, 4;30 9" rear
fenders have been welded to the body and all trim holes removed
the front end is converted to a flip and im going to open the top of the hood like an early mercury and the flip for access to work on it
has coil over rears and a 4 link with moroso trick springs and 90/10's
and will have a custom interior with cage etc 2 seats only
and not sure on color yet leaning towards a two tone and will be running american salt flat wheels love to answer any other ?'s cars comming toghter finally still have to get a radiator and mock up my exaust witch will be on the out side of the frame due to the master cylinder and tranny being inside of the frame and to have room and keep the heat off them but little by little later GP

80elky 01-14-2007 09:29 AM

What size rear tire and rim combo is on there? I'm going with 31 X 18.5 X 15 with steel chrome reverse. I'm kinda going for a retro feel even though it will be pro street.
I love the American Racing salt flat wheels your talking about.

PRO 48 fleetline 01-14-2007 11:59 AM

Rears are 33-19.5's 15x15 wheel
Love to see some photos of your car

80elky 01-15-2007 02:45 AM

I started a build journal with pics. Here's a link.

PRO 48 fleetline 01-15-2007 12:47 PM

:thumbup: Great photos loveeee the project looks really sick sitting low nice work great to see alot of ingenuity in a build and one done by them selves instaed of a big buck shop doing it agin sweet ride!

PRO 48 fleetline 01-15-2007 01:55 PM

I was inspired by your journal so i decided to build my own maybe this will be easier to see lol thanks

80elky 01-15-2007 04:05 PM

I love the way you are smoothing everything. I think your ride will be sweet.
Thanks for the kind words on mine. I feel 90% of the fun is in the building. I never understood how people can be proud of buying someone elses work.
Do you have any ideas of how you want yours to look when done? Any theme?

PRO 48 fleetline 01-15-2007 04:25 PM

Thanks, and YES as for how i want it to look i do, and i like how you mentioned theme, I think thats the biggest word in building alot of people leave out of there builds, so important that things overall look good togehter, as for mine looking to build a high end detailed custom that really hauls ***, engine will be a 415 SB chevy with 350 tans with value body and 3,500 stahl
Body i think im going to close up my keys holes and leave off my window vents but the window trim and orginal door handles will go back on
of course smooth no holed bumpers and i plan on keeping the orginal grill i think people work so hard to try and make there grilles so custom the screw them up i liek what GM did in there erea with design on some elements and what i dont like i change lolcolor wow really not sure dont want a fancy color although burgundy pearl sounds nice leaning toward maybe a two ton along the windsheild down the body line to the back style color seration maybe black and a champange or black and a olds school green hell even thought of doing it the orginal color green aswell
But being an artist you would think i would have this drawed up by now but than again thats the proble being a designer i have changed color design 20 times lol
but as for the body clean super smooth and staright with a flavor of the forty's ecs with the old school wheels like the americans or halibrands good chatting later George

joeford 01-15-2007 05:54 PM

Cool Dash
Cool Dash...No mistaking where the idea originated. I'm would like to build a dash for my 36 Ford Coupe when I get to that part of the build and I would like to replicate the old corvette style dash. In your opinion, is this something an amateur could do? If so, do you know where could I obtain pictures or measurements to use as a template?

PRO 48 fleetline 01-15-2007 07:53 PM

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Thanks, and as for an amateur i am one this is my first custom build i have built other cars but none to the extent as this one ecs in the modifacation dept. So am a 36 yo rookie aswell, an early model vette dash as cool actually all vette dashes are only thing you have to watch with a 36 coupe like other 30's is there really short so to try to put double dash humps in will look really unproportional, the best advice i can give is just get out a pencil and paper and a pencil with a good eraser lol
and just sketch ideas even if you cant draw just do rough sketches and try different looks i have done a ton of drawings to get my dash layout witch i still may do some changes to
aswell as my consle and roll cage and rear deck area behind seat. Alot od people overlook the interior in the overall design itrs really important that it flows well with the theme of the car heres a few photos of my car i worked on it alittle tonight i got the frnt clip back on it and the frnt bumper mocked up love to answer any more ?'s later GP

joeford 01-16-2007 08:03 PM

Corvette Dash've given me some things to think about....the proportion issue had already come to mind and I was thinking of perhaps only doing the vette hump on the driver's side.

I like your idea on two tone thought to mine as well...flat black over a burnt orange. your car...the simple lines, the blimp body, and plenty of power will absolutely make this one a winner.

PRO 48 fleetline 01-16-2007 08:56 PM

Cool love to help with your design if i can, its a little different when you draw everyday like myself, and being a designer its a little easier to invision some things before they take shape,
Whats your car look like now is it complete? and what style or era are you going with
because have to tell you those 36's are a really beautiful car to Begin with and i have seen some amazing 36's done but remember to be unique! Build it the way you like it and don't build it for judges or to plz other people.
The steel wheel look is huge on these cars if you go to a big billet wheel you are really roped in to that style through out the car witch i love as well air ride etc but a nice low stance clean looking ride will turn just as many heads and back to the interior! do some research and look at alot of different styles of interiors in cars some of the oddest cars had great dashes like hudson, tucker, even ramblers so good luck love to help if i can

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