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Cylinder No. wrong

I'm working on this 93 Camaro with EFI 3.4 engine and am having problems getting the valves adjusted correctly. Anybody who has worked on one of these knows it's a pain with more than half the engine tucked under the lower portion of the windshield base. This car originally had a intake leak at the back of the intake and the stupid plug that used to be the dist. before they went to DIS systems was leaking badly. In order to remove and replace the intake gasket's the push rods had to be removed because they pass through the intake gasket's. Well, While trying to reset them according to my book I run into a problem that makes no sense. The book start's out by telling you to adjust exhaust on Cyl. 1,2,3 while the 1 piston at TDC. them do the intakes on 1, 5, 6, then turn crank 180 and do all others with a final 1 3/4 turn after 0 lash. The typical Small chevy Firing Order. All goes well except for the the 3 cylinder is on the lobe of the cam while doing it this way! And the call for 1 3/4 turn from 0?. Really that far down? I never go more than a 1/4. I start looking for a firing order to make sure the cylinders are No. the way I thought But my book say's it a DIS and completely non adjustable so they don't even give a firing order or cylinder shake down. Now I'm mad so I try adjusting them by rotating the crank by hand and adjusting each cylinder when it's at TDC only to have the thing not work after reassembly with classic popping out intake and exhaust while running with a miss and no throttle resonse. I would try to run down the rockers while running the engine(NOT my favorite way) but the entire upper manifold must be removed in order to get the valve covers off for adjustment.

So, we are back to this point.

Adjust the rockers according to the book while No 3 exhaust is sitting on cam lobe(can't see how that's going to work) or adjust them with intake open... or exhaust closing...(tried that already) Can anyone confirm the cylinders are No. 1, 3, 5, on the passenger side bank and 2, 4. 6, on the drivers side bank? Or since the No. 1 Cylinder is on the passenger side are they No. 1, 2, 3, On passenger side with 4, 5, 6, on the other or what?
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