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Chrisitna Baker 05-06-2006 11:26 AM

Dash Speedometer
Let me start off by apologizing if this offends anyone (I may not be in the right area). My son is a burn patient and we have a 1993 Oldmobile Bravda we are having totally repaird for him. We have had an engine put in, hand brakes/accelorator and wheel ball installed, new AC compressor, hose to the gear box replaced, and still need the pitman arm and something else done.

I picked up the car today from the mechanic who did the AC & the hose and NOW the speedometer (which is digital) will not come on at all. My question is could it be a fuse, or a loose wire? or are we talking more money for a speedometer sensor?

This car has been to 3 mechanics in the last 6 months. :rolleyes: getting tired of getting the run around.

It took the mechanics in Dallas a MONTH to put a motor in, and then they didnt even tighten up the breather and stuff when they put the thing back together.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

docvette 05-06-2006 03:55 PM

Doc here, :pimp:

There Are 4 fuses you can check..

Looking at the Diagram for the Bravada, It ' s a Very complex system controlled by the BCM, (Body Control Module) ..

The Fuses will be a 15 amp ECM "B", A 20 amp ECM 1, An A/C Heater Fuse 25 Amp, And A Gaug/Ins Fuse..

The BCM controls those two Electrical functions so If it's out, they (as well as some other functions you haven't noticed yet) Will be out..

Try the fuses first, and see if they cure the problem, If not, you'll have to bring it back and let them work their magic on it..(unless you want a course in advanced Electronics.)

Hope Your Son is OK, and the Bravada Works out for him..My Brother Has one and just loves it.

Doc :pimp:

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