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Originally Posted by 1Gary View Post
Now I am reading your words,so let me see if I got this right.You have blown up three engines because of poor parts choices ignoring DCR's in one of them and trying to use the DCR formula in two of them which is a band-aid repair.The concept of the use of DCR's formulas is to formulate a build in advance of purchasing those parts not afterwards.Then because of poor driver feel not knowing a engine at the top end is leaning over on the top end,you suggesting a devise"engine ears" to detect the mystic of detonation which if DCR's where properly applied in the first place would have been on a bucket list checked off so as not to be a problem.

I am going to suggest this "old school" thinking doesn't work and I came from that time period.When the gas changed it was a game changer.That that type of thinking needed to change with it and no less the use of DCR formulas is in no small was a huge part of moving forward.Not backwards.

I am for the record suggesting with a admitted history of three damaged engines because of poor execution of the DCR's formulas is enough proof that if applied correctly wouldn't have happened.

I am also saying for the record that a DCR of no more than 8.5 is disheartening to me as well.It does sound low,doesn't it??. But it is what is. And we all have to learn to accept it or end up paying for the consequences.
I was sure you would come up with a twisted lawyer version spin of what I stated to suit you own needs and agenda.

The two engines were my friends that blew up. Just as I said they would by (him/not me) buying into the DCR crap.
The 10.70:1 cr was too high for the pump gas and purpose even thou DCR theory suggested it would be fine.
I told him it was over simplifed BS that will not work and that exactly what it did. Just like I said it would.
He bought into it just like tech does.

The 12.65:1 engine was a dual fuel engine (Race gas and methanol) that was never intended to run on pump gas. I forget to reduce the timing for pump gas, one day. Get a grip. &^%% happens.

By the way I repaired it and had it back up and running in 3 days for less than the cost of a set of pistons.
1 piston new rings and a cylinder sleeve. Its still running somewhere.

This had nothing to do with driver feel.

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