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dead cylinder? Confused and about to lose my mind

i got a 1971 camaro with a stock SBC 350. I have a edlebrock intake with a 600cfm holley carb. I installed a Accel HEI dist a few months ago. car was running great. I was driving from NY to Virgina and the car started backfiring on the way down. When I pulled off the road I found that two of my spark plug wires burned up. I went ahead and replaced all the wires. tooki it back out on the road and it was still doing the same thing. I went ahead and pulled the plugs. Ifound a couple were fouled out in the same cylinders that the wires were burned. So I replaced all 8 plugs jsut to cover everything. I got back on teh road and it still did the same thing. Now confused I pulled the cap and rotor. All the points seemed like that had been burned up. i went ahead and cleaned them still didnt change anything. So I decided to get a new cap and rotor. After i installed it nothing changed. I talked to a fellow mechanic and he mentioned the coil. I didnt have any way to test the coil so having the extra money and no were near home I bought a new coil adn put it on. Still nothing.
finally after 8 weeks of being gone I was able to get home. i contacted accell and talked to them. the guy said it sounded like the control module was bad. I couldnt find the receipt he wanted so i took the distributor back to were I bought it and they warrantied it out. i dropped the new one in and still havent had any luck. Now being beyond mad I took it into a shop. They couldnt look into it for long. he did a couple quick checks on it and found that the #6 Cyl was 200 deg cooler then the other 7. He pulled the plug adn it was getting spark but it still looked brand new. he mentioned a possible sucked in intake gasket. I did bring it to work and replaced the valve cover gaskets and turned it over by hand. Saw all the valves moving. All though I did find the intake valve on the #4 cylinder was loose. you caould pick it up by hand and turn it around. I tightned it back down. But I dont know if I should pull the heads and intake off and replace the gaskets. I know at some point someone is going to tell me I am retarded for putting all the money into it replacing everything when i could have spent the money to take it to a shop to diagnose the issue. but I am past that point and I am at a point were I am ready to drive it over a cliff and leave it be. This is my everyday driver at this point. Can anyone help me out?

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