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schnitz 12-18-2008 10:00 AM

Decent art software on the cheap, does it exist?
I've had nearly enough watching those of you with more talent than I do amazing things with you work, and then me not being able to show anything of my own. (It's not really that bad, but it does irk me a bit....) So what type of graphics/art software do you guys recommend for an 8 year old computer that won't break the bank? Nothing more than say, $40. Just something to allow me (and a few others like myself..) to get into this stuff. Older 3D stuff, photo modeling, just general stuff if you got any recommendations. Thanks.

In a while, Chet.

67camaro101 12-18-2008 10:05 AM

i would say try this, completely free

schnitz 12-18-2008 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by 67camaro101
i would say try this, completely free

Tee-riffic! Free beats up to $40 any time.Thanks a bunch! :welcome:

In a while, Chet.

red65mustang 12-18-2008 11:38 AM

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for what it's worth?

I looked briefly at the program...
that "gimp" program appears to be very very similar to Photostudio 2000 capabilities and lay out on my computer...
(came with a scanner I bought)

I've got/tried 4 editors....

I still like the gimp/Photostudio layout/style/simpilicity for ease of use the best....

takes almost no time to whip up a joke picture like this one....
(LOL, my daughter "paid" to get wrapped in seaweed at a Spa!)

scr8pin_f100 12-18-2008 07:36 PM

you know, I just priced Autodesk 3dsmax...That was over $3000!!!I have Adobe CS2, which has Illustrator, photoshop, etc...But if I could give you some advice it would be that no matter what program you end up with, you have to practice a ton to get the results that you want!

I have to fight frustration all of the time because I want to be tons better than I am..But I just haven't practiced enough...Also, you might look into MS Paint.. Sure, it isn't the best graphics program, but with practice, even it can be effective...Check out Ms Paint on you tube...

Good luck! :cool:

Only Racing 12-19-2008 01:55 PM

There are a few but depends on what you intend to do as a project, for overall use it's photoshop CS2 and up since it will pretty much do anything but has a slight learning curve to it. Illustrator is much tougher and usually you can find people wiling to share these programs but be aware that they are legit.

Gimp has it's limits but will also do many things with a different interface than something like PS, I've only been at it for a few years but it's a program that kinda hits you at once and it all comes together.

I use alot of online tutorials, which range from beginner up to extended.

You also need to see what your computer will handle in terms of creating images and applying layers that will make a file as large as 400megs when saving or opening in PSD formats like I use. Illustrator is smaller in ways but the same rule apply.

If you feel you are a bigginner, don't get discouraged, lerning to cut out an image with a transparent background should be your first experiance, then learn the saving methods like never using a .gif for transparencies since the quality is horrible, other examples would be in photoshop, saving as a PSD or a PNG are mostly what I use.

Programs like Jasc are a good start but again, knowing layers is the trick. Once you figure out the layers you should be golden in any program.

This was my starting point for the 34 for the contest but again we all have our ways of doing things, like creating your own XYZ for light and I add one for flash to look photographic on a seperate layer.

kenseth17 12-19-2008 04:16 PM

For messing around with 3d, I like using a free program rhino (well only get 25 saves, but program is basically fully functional and will function after your saves are used up except the save feature), I first found it when the latest version was 2.0, and used up all those saves, and lost the 2.0 installer when my computer got wiped out (now you can't even download the 2.0 version, which I actually liked quite a bit). Now they are up to 4 I believe, but I use 3, I think 4 when you download it might possibly not have the clipboard function and I use that constantly. Its the only 3d program my feeble brain can kind of comprehend what many of the functions do and how to draw and make something with it. Also runs okay on my slow outdated celeron computer and will open or save as many different 3d file formats. I tried a few times using other free modeling software such as gmax, blender, and I had auto cad 2000 for awhile, but rhino is the only one I could get kind of comprehend after a few tries. The most popular 3d program seems to be 3d studio max, but its cost prohibitive to me.
You can find various tutorials on using rhino on the web also.

As far as graphics programs, all I have are presto imagefolio, and adobe photodeluxe that came either bundled with my computer, or printer or something.

grouch 12-22-2008 12:58 AM

Gimp is hard to beat, but its offspring Cinepaint is Hollywood's sweetheart. (Note Cinepaint's usage in the creation of such movies as Harry Potter series and 2 Fast 2 Furious).

You might want to try Blender for 3D modelling.

Commodity software is the opposite of manufactured goods: The best available is completely free (price and source). The reason is simple -- every user has the potential to improve free software, by documentation, by noticing and reporting a problem, by direct coding, or by passing a copy along to someone else who might do any of those things. (It's why Pixar, Sony, Industrial Light and Magic, Dreamworks, Mercedes, VW and so many others love it).

RHamm1320 02-12-2009 12:52 PM

I'm a little late seeing this thread, but wanted to post what I use.


They have very powerful free versions and $9.99 upgrades to get even more tools. PhotoPlus is my favorite photo editing software.

Only Racing 02-13-2009 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by RHamm1320
I'm a little late seeing this thread, but wanted to post what I use.


They have very powerful free versions and $9.99 upgrades to get even more tools. PhotoPlus is my favorite photo editing software.

I would have to say both Gimp and thanks to RHammand my experiance with Serif products pertaining to web use, they have a whole seperate area for web applications that their programs though not fully "free" but less than 10 bucks are great values if you want all the add ons. Most of my web stuff has alot of Serif stuff involved. A thumbs up for that link RHamm !!

deliveryman 02-13-2009 01:38 PM

You first have to realize the computer and graphics programs are only tools. You have to practice, practice and practice more. I have a welder but that does not make me a good welder. I haven't posted anything for a long time but there are some of my illustrations here. They are all done in a vector format and years of practice. Hope my welding skills come faster but a friend that owns a machine shop doesn't think so.

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