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for my website, i went thru and i like it so far, one of the options i have is multiple sub domains, the one subdomain i have is******.com, which makes it easy to place all the project images in a seperate section

if your going to have numerous seperate pages on the site, and redundant info on each one, php is a great way to do it

all the redundant info (navagation bar, menu, footer info, contact info) goes on a seperate page, and then a simple script in each web page automaticly includes it when the page is loaded

for example, this is MY redundant info:

document.writeln('<ul id="nav">\r\n \r\n<li><a href="\/">Main Page<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="http:\/\/Gallery.***.com">Gallery<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="ford.html">Ford<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="GM.html">GM<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="Mopar.html">Mopar<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="Honda.html">Honda<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="Mitsu.html">Mitsu<\/a><\/li> \r\n<li><a href="contact_us.html">Contact Us<\/a><\/li>\r\n \r\n <\/ul>\r\n<ul id="servicemenu"><p align="center">D.I.Y. Turbo Kit Parts:<p> <p> <p align="center">\r\n<a href="\/Bends_straights.html">Bends & Straight Tubing<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/bov.html">BOVs<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/clamps.html">Clamps<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/couplers.html">Couplers<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/electronics.html">Electronics<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/flanges.html">Flanges<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/Fuel_pumps.html">Fuel pumps & FPRs<\/a> l\r\n<p align="center"><a href="\/Gaskets.html">Gaskets<\/a> l\r\n <a href="\/Gauges.html">Gauges<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/Hoses.html">Silicone & Rubber Hoses<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/Injectors.html">Injectors<\/a> l\r\n<a href="\/intercoolers.html">Intercoolers<\/a> l\r\n<a href="\/Manifolds.html">Manifolds<\/a> l \r\n <a href="\/MBCs.html">MBCs<\/a> l\r\n<p align="center"> <a href="\/SSBLF.html">SS Braided Lines & Fittings<\/a> l\r\n<a href="\/Turbochargers.html">Turbochargers<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/WasteGates.html">WasteGates<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/Vac_blocks.html">Vacuum Blocks <\/a> <\/p><\/p>\r\n \r\n <\/ul>');
i put that in a seperate file called "nav.txt" and all i have to add to each individual web page is add this code to the pages i want it on:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"
anytime i want to change any of that navagation info, i just change it once in the nav.txt file, instead of changing it on 26 sepearte pages

its called "ssi" which means server side include, and mines done in javascript, but theres other types of SSI, php being one of them

if you want search engines to find all your webpages, make sure the SSI is a language that the search engines can see (javascript doesnt work with search engines) if you use a type of code that search engines DONT see, build a "site map" and link to it. i did that and included a "sitemap" link at the very bottom of all of my pages, so if a search engine finds any of my pages, it finds the rest too
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