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WakBordr7387 04-28-2006 08:09 PM

Designing a Website
Alright, Calling on website owners!
I want to make a website for the company Im working for right now. Now Im not trying to advertise for it or anything since it would be kinda dumb to advertise my stuff on this website.
But Ive seen alot of sites that people on here have opened for their own shop, and thats about what I need.
So does anybody know where I can start at, and what I need to do?
This would be my first website so Im learning as I go. :sweat:


HemmiGremmie 04-28-2006 08:55 PM

Id love to have my own Gremlin website.
Not a forum, but the kind that when you type in Gremlin in the yahoo search it would pull up my site. But Im to dumb to figure em out. Shoot I cant even figure out how to do the supposadly easy ones like the freebie Yahoo ones. Hg

OneMoreTime 04-28-2006 09:01 PM

About the easiest I know of is they have templates for the sites as well as registration of your domain name..Probably all you need is the 5 page beginner site..


edge 04-28-2006 09:53 PM

Buy a copy of Microsoft's FrontPage 2003 for $88 - The Software Guy

Register your domain name at - about $8 to $9 a year, or at webhost4life (see below)

Open a hosting account with - Hosting Plans
The basic plan is $20 setup fee, $4.95/mo for 1000 MB You get alot of stuff including unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, MySql database for php message boards, etc. Look at the list in the Hosting Plans link. I have had great success with webhost4life and the uploading files is a piece of cake. They also have great technical support, including online tickets and/or an 800 #

I have also had a chance to use for hosting, and they have some great deals as well. Even more space for about the same price as WH4L. Like 5 GB for $5/mo. But all in all, I prefer WH4L because you can add many domains under the one hosting account. You set up subfolders for each domain. Godaddy does not offer this feature. So what good is 5 GB for one domain? Not really an advantage unless you have a lot of photos and/or videos to host.

FrontPage is very easy to use, no harder than using Word or Excel (IMO). Take baby steps and spend a lot of time at That is a message board where many expert web designers help from around the world. About the same caliber as is for car help.

I have a number of links for building websites here:

Once you learn the basics, you can add javascript and DHTML to the code and spice things up a bit.

Here are few I did using FP2003, but some features like the drop down menus are not standard FP.

There is really too much to try to convey in one message. If you decide to give it a try and have any more questions, please do not hesitate to PM me. I will help in any way that I can. Understand this: Once you get the hang of FP, building websites is NOT hard.

Good luck, Ed

WakBordr7387 04-29-2006 07:35 AM

Wow, I think I got more than I bargained for, which is definitly a good thing.
I appreciate the info Edge, I'm keeping this thread bookmarked for later. Im still talking it over with some others about what the website should be like. I think the extra domains part will definitly be something to get for us.
Thanks again Edge, If I have any questions your the first person Im gonna turn to :thumbup:


lowROLLERchevy 04-29-2006 12:25 PM

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for my website, i went thru and i like it so far, one of the options i have is multiple sub domains, the one subdomain i have is******.com, which makes it easy to place all the project images in a seperate section

if your going to have numerous seperate pages on the site, and redundant info on each one, php is a great way to do it

all the redundant info (navagation bar, menu, footer info, contact info) goes on a seperate page, and then a simple script in each web page automaticly includes it when the page is loaded

for example, this is MY redundant info:


document.writeln('<ul id="nav">\r\n \r\n<li><a href="\/">Main Page<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="http:\/\/Gallery.***.com">Gallery<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="ford.html">Ford<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="GM.html">GM<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="Mopar.html">Mopar<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="Honda.html">Honda<\/a><\/li>\r\n<li><a href="Mitsu.html">Mitsu<\/a><\/li> \r\n<li><a href="contact_us.html">Contact Us<\/a><\/li>\r\n \r\n <\/ul>\r\n<ul id="servicemenu"><p align="center">D.I.Y. Turbo Kit Parts:<p> <p> <p align="center">\r\n<a href="\/Bends_straights.html">Bends & Straight Tubing<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/bov.html">BOVs<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/clamps.html">Clamps<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/couplers.html">Couplers<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/electronics.html">Electronics<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/flanges.html">Flanges<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/Fuel_pumps.html">Fuel pumps & FPRs<\/a> l\r\n<p align="center"><a href="\/Gaskets.html">Gaskets<\/a> l\r\n <a href="\/Gauges.html">Gauges<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/Hoses.html">Silicone & Rubber Hoses<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/Injectors.html">Injectors<\/a> l\r\n<a href="\/intercoolers.html">Intercoolers<\/a> l\r\n<a href="\/Manifolds.html">Manifolds<\/a> l \r\n <a href="\/MBCs.html">MBCs<\/a> l\r\n<p align="center"> <a href="\/SSBLF.html">SS Braided Lines & Fittings<\/a> l\r\n<a href="\/Turbochargers.html">Turbochargers<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/WasteGates.html">WasteGates<\/a> l \r\n<a href="\/Vac_blocks.html">Vacuum Blocks <\/a> <\/p><\/p>\r\n \r\n <\/ul>');
i put that in a seperate file called "nav.txt" and all i have to add to each individual web page is add this code to the pages i want it on:


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"
anytime i want to change any of that navagation info, i just change it once in the nav.txt file, instead of changing it on 26 sepearte pages

its called "ssi" which means server side include, and mines done in javascript, but theres other types of SSI, php being one of them

if you want search engines to find all your webpages, make sure the SSI is a language that the search engines can see (javascript doesnt work with search engines) if you use a type of code that search engines DONT see, build a "site map" and link to it. i did that and included a "sitemap" link at the very bottom of all of my pages, so if a search engine finds any of my pages, it finds the rest too

kenseth17 04-29-2006 03:00 PM

I am no expert on websites, but I spent time looking at various websites and layouts I liked. Spent many nights reading about making a website. I downloaded website builder software from netscape called netscape communicater. It can open other websites you find on the net to modify it. Doubt its anywhere near as nice as frontpage but it was free. I also read up on html so I could learn how to make rollovers using javascript. Made my buttons and stuff in an image program that was on my computer. Alot of information can be found on html if you want to do things that the program won't do. You can see the html for other sites by right clicking when you visit the site and clicking propertys or save the html for one you design in notepad and put in your changes. Not an easy way to do it, but for messing around building a website and not stuck having to use a template that your provider lets you choose from. I am still using a free webhost for now, which means I have a subdomain. I use, much improvement over the free host I had before that had tons of advertising and popups. Just things to do if you want to mess around building a site without spending anything right now. Then once you get something built you like, for a business you can spend the money on a domain and site statistics, ect. Mine is basically a personal site just to show what I do and maybe pic up some sidework. Its enough to suit my needs for now. If I wanted a more complex site or owned an actual business, then I probably would buy some good software, look at various webhosting plans, or tssk, pay someone to do it.
As far as hemi wondering about rankings, different search engines use different ways of determining how they rank based on keywords, how many links there are to your site ect. I also read up on that too a little. But you can submit your site to search engines like google and yahoo,, to get your site submitted in to search engines. Much imformation can be found on rankings too if you search and read. My old site actually got pretty good rankings when searching for specific keywords, but my new one doesn't seem to be ranked as well for some reason.

clinthart 04-30-2006 06:51 AM

Web site creation is not rocket science... but you do need to organize it properly. Just like building a car, you need to plan the web site out. I build mine from scratch... and if you look close it is starting to get cluttered. Don't let yours get like mine. .

I built one for my car club too, . It is a much simpler site, but is still effective. Just think about what the main message you want your site to get across, and then focus on that.

I use for my hosting service. They have all the templates and tools to allow your site to have a full range of features. $7.00/mo gets you MYSQL support, 15 Gig of space, and 400Gig of bandwidth.

But don't be afraid to contact a professional for a web site. In todays world, if you have a poor looking web site, people will think you have a poor company. A decent web site should cost no more than $1,200 to get started.

IROC100 04-30-2006 07:22 AM

I'm using .You can go on their sight and build a preview page before you buy. the cost for my sight is $120 a year and that includes 100 pages to use. I had never done anything like this before, so if this dummy can do it than anyone should be able to build a site. I'm using their one of their templates for my sight right now, they have a bunch of different templates, you don't need to know all of the computer stuff to do this, they do make it easy.They have always been more than helpful whenever I've had a problem. If you want you can check out my

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