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Chevyjeepster 12-31-2011 05:31 PM

Desktop Dyno 5
I bought desktop dyno and a little concerned about the test results. When I plug in all the info it seems to be off somewhat from experience. I ran a 350 chevy 8:1 comp, stock low performance heads 1.94-1.60, dual plane intake, 750 cfm, small tube headers without cats, a Crane 272H10 cam straight up.
I get 262 hp@ 4000 and 396 ft lb@2000. The hp seems to be fairly close but the torque seems to be off about 70 ft lbs or so. I know that it isn't going to be 100 percent but with the weather and alt. Dialed in I thought it would be a lot closer. Has anybody had any luck with this dyno.
Jimmy :smash:

whyholdback 12-31-2011 06:31 PM

I never got accurate results from any version of DD by using honest inputs. You have to try a lot of known builds to learn how to lie to each version of DD.
That's a way wrong cam for the rest of your combo, and if you installed it dot-to-dot, then remember that it has 5 degrees of advance ground into it. If you installed a cheap timing chain, then the chain will stretch, badly.
If that's the sort of cam you want, then at least mill the heads 0.030" to get the compression up to 8.5:1
Your combo as typed says stock low-performance heads with 1.94 / 1.60" valves. Hate to tell you, but as GM never offered that combo of valve sizes, then the heads aren't stock.
Still, assuming you built this engine this way, you should have maybe 275 HP peaking around 5000 RPM, and maybe 325 ft-lbs around 3500 RPM.
What sorts of results were you hoping for, anyway?

Chevyjeepster 12-31-2011 08:44 PM

Guess top dyno
I assume I have at least 8.5:1, the pistons are flat tops and I am using .015 steel head gaskets. I have too ck on the heads. I contacted Crane about the cam because I was looking for something in 210@.050. They said the cam would work great in my combo. And that was good news for me as I bought it new off eBay cam and lifters $60 bucks. As for the ground in 5 degrees advance, it didn't have that on the cam card but I will ck in to it. I just put the long block together but still have the timing cover off. Several bushings came with the gear drive but I installed it straight up. As for the desktop dyno I think it's math is a little fuzzy. Your numbers seem pretty close to what I was thinking but all I was hoping for was a daily driver for my jeep.

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